Some hints as to where I am this week . . .

and no, i am not watching American Idol live {only in my dreams}

As though I didn't have enough room in my heart to love Jay-Z more! He congratulated my BOYS IN BLUE after the game and told them he was proud of them. I am so proud of them all, for everything they've done and accomplished this season! But I am mostly proud of Josh Harrellson.  I couldn't be happier for him leading this amazing team to the final four!! He deserves every single bit of this moment and the happiness!  

Have a wonderful week loves!! Please if your team is out of the tournament send my WILDCATS some love and positivity for Saturday! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - and I almost forgot to tell you! I was pretty much heckled at work for my ridiculous bracket - I play my bracket by inserting the teams I would like to see make it - call it delusional, but it's been a blessing this tournament! AND if my WILDCATS go all the way, the prize money is all mine ;) if not it goes to one of my much deserving, pretty friend - who is also a female! The girls are kicking bracket butt! Gooooooo CATS!



The I Am Not Good With Cars Theory.

Do you all ever have things go so right in your life that you feel on top of the world? And then BOOM. Something happens to put you in your place. Well, I got thee new Honda CR-V.  She's beautiful. She's the one that I am going to invest in. The one that won't have unexpected breakdowns. The one I will be able to rely on. I was so excited when I met Alex, the guy who sold me the SUV.  I spent 5 hours making decisions and going through paperwork Saturday.  They spent 2 days working on her and getting her pretty! When I went to pick her up yesterday, he carefully went over all the gadgets with me and explained how to open the back/trunk door, he showed me how to work the radio, how to lock and unlock the doors. The entire time I'm thinking Cmon Alex, what do you think I am some kind of moron girl with no common sense. Oh Chelsea! I drive off to Saul Good to meet the work girlies for my colleague's daughter's first birthday! Miss Caroline is 1!! We had a wonderful time and heading back to the office I was smiling ear TO ear. And then The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun came on the radio. Seriously? Perfection. 

{there she is. pretty!}

I am so elated the whole work day. Come out to start my car and my lock clicker thingy didn't work.  Weird. Thinking. I'm gonna tell Alex. He's gonna hear it. THEN. The car doesn't start.  Why? Because someone {whose name starts with a Chel and ends with a sea} didn't turn off the headlights. REALLY Chelsea? Alex hussles over from Honda, jumps her.  And all is good in the world.  I think I stressed him out a little. I stressed me out a little. 

{Alex's reaction}

Anyways. I felt like a complete GIRL. This was a new start for me and my new unnamed SUV. And I let myself down.  But you live, and you definitely learn.  Thank GOD, I know how to laugh at myself by now.  I am telling myself that God does things for a REASON. And for this, I think this was hopefully my last little scramble and issue with the car.  Maybe God's up there chucking to himself, sorry had to do it one last time Chelsea, Gotcha! Or maybe I'm just an idiot and I need to remember to turn my headlights OFF. 

On a tangent or maybe completely different note, It is BLUE and WHITE day at work and in the entire city! Mayor Gray has officially named it that. Hopefully we'll see ALOT of this. . .

{3 Goggles!!!!!!!!}

Have a wonderful weekend!! And I hope you are better with cars than me!! Xx, 


InTUitive Tuesday :)

If yall have not heard this you may be living under a rock, but I just wanted to share my ALL TIME favorite Zac Brown Band Song.  I love these guys and how they can pretty much hit on every aspect of life and any emotion. If this doesn't put you in a good mood, I don't know what will :) and side note: I've totally been to Red Rocks where this live version of the song was filmed at...it's beautiful and you get a breath-taking view of Denver. Still haven't seen a concert there...this will happen though! 


Simply. Glowing. Skin.

I give myself little mini-facial spa day about once a week.  Turn all the lights out steam up the bathroom, and light all thee bathroom candles.  Definitely invest in a lavender CANDLE ;) {the most relaxing I've found at Target}.  

Everything minus the Pumice Peel is a part of my daily routine. I do the Pumice Peel once a week! 

My secret to feeling like I just came out of a spa facial and super soft glowing skin?

1. To start. I clean my face using Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser.  I love foaming cleansers because they feel so soft when they touch your skin.  Not sure if they're actually any better than the normal stuff and I believe Aveeno offers a normal Clear Complexion Cleanser, if you prefer those. It's hypoallergenic and oil-free.  My face feels so refreshed after cleaning with this and I like the smell of it. 

2. Next I pat my face dry! For this next step it'll need to be COMPLETELY dry. So I try to lotion up my body or put some rollers in my hair after patting dry {just to multi-task}, just to make sure your skin is dry and ready.  Then I dab on a SMALL amount of Bioelements Pumice Peel product all over my face.  I'm talking a small dip on you finger, and I dab it on my forehead, nose, each cheek and chin.  It actually helps if you don't overuse this product.  I then rub it on over my face in upward and outward motions, continue to do this until you feel your dead skin begin to exfoliate and buff away. I swear after you do this, your skin will feel like a 14 year olds. It clears out your pores and leave your skin feeling and LOOKING, so fresh and so clean. Be sure to wash this off with warm water completely before moisturizing.  

3. To keep my skin feeling refreshed, I moisturize with Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer.  I don't like moisturizers with SPF in them, so if you prefer that this might not be for you.  But this definitely leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh and the smell is delightful too. 

4. Last, I use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  If you need a primer, I definitely recommend this stuff. 


My Favorite Thing.

Starting the week after next, I will embark on the most travel I've ever done in my life! I am ecstatic yet ready & nervous all at the same time. One month of travel. A couple different cities per week. I will be home and back and forth between cities every week! Cities I've never been to. I can't wait to explore. And I end it all with several large symposia and a few days at Arizona Grand Resort! I need advice on traveling a lot, ladies.  What do you do to be most organized? 

Here are some of the cities I'm going. Tips on what to do while I'm there will be appreciated!!  Atlanta, New York, Houston, Dallas {spending a few days and the weekend here!}, San Francisco, Los Angeles {ditto}, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington DC. 

Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy this sunshine! I am LOVING that the weather is finally matching what the sky looks like:) Car update: I am looking at this lil cutie this weekend. I really don't want a car payment, but I really feel that it's time for me and Betty III to part ways.  

PS: I NEED name suggestions...there will not be a Betty IV. 

PPS: I am being harassed  just made fun of a lil over my bracket at work! anyone else having this issue? A girls gotta dream, right? And there is no way I could put Duke or Ohio State in my bracket. Just no way. :) 



Wordless Wednesday!

maybe not so much! but i think these words are just perfect. 

Hope you are having a good Wednesday! Xx,


Chez Chelsea. . .

I have been hot yoga-ing, cooking in and dining out with some of my favorite people lately!  All of this go-ing and the weather I am holding partially liable for my sinus infection, ear infection and fever! My doctor assured me I wouldn't be contagious tmw, so I am returning to the office to get some stuff done.  Doc has me all drugged up, so I am feeling somewhat normal tonight.  I think the CATS winning the SEC tourney may be partly responsible for me still being in a good mood amidst all of this.  Oh and I forgot to tell you.. Betty's battery and brake light came on again {which is what happened before she broke down last time}. Thanks for everyone's sweet words! I took her to the shop ASAP and they replaced the alternator...again. Something is UP with that car.  I am hoping to trade her in and I have found a beautiful and blue CRV that I am able to afford.  Too much drama with Betty these days. Any one have a good, new name for my this blue beauty? Taking suggestions now.

Here are some things I've whipped up in the kitchen and enjoyed out.

{yummy cocktail at Wines on Vine}

Freshened up the house with flowers. . .

Baked up some Classic Margherita Pizza {typically don't like tomatoes, but I like them on this dish} . . .

Created this Chicken a la Venezia {stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach} paired with some stawberry poppyseed salad 

Broiled some lemon herb Tilapia 

And made some breakfast for dinner! YUM.

Hope you all are having a great week! GO CATS!!!!!! :) I may have teared up a little when Doron was hurt Saturday! Cmon Doron! 



Some words from OSHA..

I feel that to be fair I should share this email to anyone interested in getting the Brazilian Blowout. I received this lovely number after my last post. Not that I SHOULD have to reference my posts, as this is MY blog and I clearly noted to do "your" research.  My sources were valid and found via ABC.com and via an article provided on the Brazilian Blowout website. 

I would not subject myself to anything I truly found or believed to be harmful to me or anyone reading this blog, especially without doing the research first. 

In your recent post on Brazilian Blowout, you made the statement that “OSHA ruled back in November, that this product is completely formaldehyde free.”  I’m not sure what your source is for that statement, but it is incorrect.  OSHA has certainly made no such ruling, and the product certainly contains formaldehyde (primarily in the form of methylene glycol, or aqueous formaldehyde).
To my knowledge, federal OSHA has not specifically commented regarding Brazilian Blowout and formaldehyde content (although the federal OSHA formaldehyde standard makes it clear that formaldehyde exists in solution).  Oregon OSHA (of which I am the Administrator) issued a report on October 29, 2010 that summarized the results of our analysis of various products.  By any standard analytical method, Brazilian Blowout (both the original and the Acai products – not the new BB Zero, which had not been released at the time of the report) contains formaldehyde. 
The company itself now acknowledges that it contains methylene glycol, which industrial hygienists and the vast majority of industrial chemists consider to be “aqueous formaldehyde” or “formaldehyde in solution.”  And whatever you call the substance that’s in the product before it is used, it certainly releases formaldehyde when it is used.  Although it is true that we did not find airborne exposures above the mandatory permissible exposure limit, we did find exposures above levels recommended by the American Conference of Government and Industrial Hygienists and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.  While the company has argued that our results prove the product to be “safe” (an interpretation we dispute), it has certainly never suggested in any public forum I have seen that “OSHA ruled….this product is completely formaldehyde free.”  To the contrary, Oregon OSHA advised all stylists and salons within Oregon that the product (and others) must be treated as formaldehyde-containing products under the workplace formaldehyde standards that we enforce.
The press release we issued, which includes links to the full report and to the “hazard alert” we distributed to the Oregon salons, can be found at http://www.orosha.org/admin/newsrelease/2010/nr2010_28.pdf.
I hope this is some help in clarifying this issue for you and for those who rely on your blog for information.

Take what you will with it. Xx, 

Going to Brazil {The Brazilian Blowout}

We all do painful things in exchange for beauty! I've done a lot.  From waxes, to peels, to tweezes and whitenings.  After all, pain passes but beauty remains.  When I was a child, I remember saying my prayers, thanking God for all my blessings, but seriously asking Him WHY he gave ME curly hair.  I remember my mom would laugh at me and I would get so grumpy.  You see, she didn't understand.  I had the culmination of her and my fathers curls, which made my hair so much more uncontrollable. I wanted to be the girl who rolled out of bed without looking like Medusa.  

Well on Wednesday, I yet again am going to endure another Brazilian Blowout. But trust me friends, this is not nearly as painful as the other Brazilian. And there are few things more liberating than being able to hop out of the shower and do nothing to your hair.  The Brazilian Blowout is NOT a straightening treatment, it's more of a smoothing treatment.  It infuses protein back into your hair and smooths it, while leaving it with body and softening the curl. And NO frizz.  The Brazilian is different because it doesn't damage your hair.  If I tell you about the good, I feel I must divulge the bad.  

My eyes do water ALOT when this treatment is done. and there were serious rumors concerning the safety and ingredients in this product. it was rumored that high levels of Formaldehyde were found in it.  But, according to ABC, everyone is exposed to small amounts of formaldehyde in air and some foods and products. Still, it's possible that high levels of exposure to formaldehyde could cause some kinds of cancers.  BUT, OSHA ruled back in November, that this product is completely formaldehyde free.  Charlie {stylist} says that this happens often when other companies want to learn the ingredients in a product like BB, because they are forced to make the ingredients public knowledge.  

Girls if you have curls, you must try the Brazilian Blowout. I'm no expert so please do your research, but this is a product that i. love.

{featured in}

 Dear frizzy hair - I dedicate this song to you. We're done. Xx, 


Celebrity Dopplegangers....we all have them!

Give me a short, petite, brunette celeb woman and I guarantee someone has told me I look like her before.  I usually get asked or told about this whenever that person is at the height or peak of their celebrity.  It all started when people started to say that I smile like Ms. Nicole Richie...I love her so of course I didn't mind. . .

Then came Deanna, the Bachelorette.  I will never forget the weekend I spent in Chicago after the final episode aired.  I scored free drinks after a Cubs game all afternoon and night, eventually got creeped out and left Sluggers because this very drunk boy insisted I was her and tried to take pictures of/with me all night.  After we got rid of him, another started doing the same thing. . .

And now that Mila Kunis has become an A-list celebrity, this has become quite the pick up line. . . "has anyone ever told you, you like Mila Kunis?" I really wouldn't mind it, if that didn't follow with them pestering me the rest of the night or asking for my number. 

So who is your celeb doppleganger and does it flatter you? Enjoy your Sunday yall I'm off to watch the game and brunch!! Xx, Go CATS {Cmon Doron!}


manifesto, or . . . manifesta if you will

it is Friday. i've got a lovely little weekend planned and can't wait to go brunching on Sunday morning {probably afternoon}...hopefully weather permits & we get to sit on a patio and enjoy our bloody mary's and mimosas!  I found these little guys below and I love them....I found them via http://maryruffle.tumblr.com/ love her tumblr, it's so cute! 

I heard this on the radio today...shout out to my delta delta delta sisters {we used to dance to this before the little rushees walked in the DDD house during rush week - oh how i miss college}.  This soon became any formal and outting jam! Love my delta taus i means threes ;) delta tau delta's were my favorite boys too back then thou :)



Delicious Ambiguity.

I've been in a really amazing mood these past few weeks.  As I walked into work the other morning and greeted everyone, I realized I was that annoying good morning girl way too early!  Maybe it's that spring is sneaking it's warmth in on me on random mornings.  Or the sunshine beaming through my window at work.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm so busy at work. I love being busy {I complain about it, but secretly, i love it}  And feeling needed.  Maybe it's the fact that my friends are hilarious and make me laugh constantly.  Maybe it's my parents that are constantly supporting me in my decisions about my future.  I used to get so caught up in the future that I got lost in the present.  the more I learn about life, the more I learn, you're always going to challenged by something.  And that's the way it should be. my friend Jess posted this the other day: 

I believe this is SO true. Then I found this quote: 

“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.”

I think I used to just get too intangled into what's next. And lately I've been living for the now.  And I think I'm going to keep it that way.

What are quotes that you live by? I love finding new little pieces of inspiration!! Hope you all are enjoying these brisk almost spring days as much as me! 



Marvelous March. . .

we're 2 days into March. which means. . .

1. March Madness. ultimately leading to.....the Final Four. and my boys in blue taking  home the tournament trophy. a girl can dream. . . 

if we can get there without these boys giving Coach Cal a heart attack, I promise to take a deep sigh of relief...I always worry about his heart. 

2. these little guys are going to start popping up everywhere. I was introduced to mr. white chocolate reese's peanut butter egg via my roommate Audra last year. and have developed a little obsession with them.  something about the white chocolate and peanut butter ratio (in the egg shape only, please!) is undeniable AH-mazing.  if you're skeptical, I was too! but they're simply perfect. thank goodness they're only around for Easter. 

3. I am planning a crawfish dinner with some very great people next Tuesday! the restaurant is flying in some crawfish. 

4. I voted for Paul McDonald last night. {alot}

5.  I am trying to decide what to give up for Lent.  usually, I find Lent as a time to pick back up my NYE resolution and give it another go, but I've been sticking to my NYE resolutions.  what are you all giving up?? I have a very stressful month with work and giving up caffeine is just not an option. and I've been debating about whether to go to Ash Wednesday. last time I went, I saw someone I knew later on and they laughed at me and awkwardly wiped my forehead. not the ashes, do not touch!  maybe it would help if I wore this. . .