Lo Mein smiled at me..

I walk down to get coffee every morning when I arrive at the office.  It's a long walk.  And I see Lo Mein in his office.  Settled.  Busy.  Working.  I can't help it.  His office is right on the hallway I walk down every morning.

I assume he is from the Hong Kong office.

Today.  I passed him and he smiled at me!  Aw.  Lo Mein smiled at me.  Glad he is happy.  And nice.


I got distracted in Nordstrom..

I was jewelry shopping with my friend Cara for a black tie wedding she's attending in a few months... Whilst browsing and accidentally asking the sales associate to show Cara a $1,500 necklace - I stumbled upon some bright, bold, and beautiful beach hats.  As you may know...I have a Charleston trip in March! So of course my eyes sparked and I was mesmereied. Then I saw her.

The Sonia Rykiel Straw Sun Hat.

And then the sales rep saw me. Fall for her.  She proceeded to come over, and ask.  Do you know this is Sonia Rykiel.  I reply with "No, no...honestly I don't even know who she is!" Okay great silly me, lost in Nordstrom.  Dreaming about the beach.  Then she asks the dreaded question.  "So what is your price point?  $600? $200?"  I quiver at the thought of spending more than $60 on a hat.  And that is for Derby.  I told her I didn't have a budget really in mind. LOL. Yes as in I don't really have a hat budget. From there, I learned the history of Sonia Rykiel.  The Queen of Knit. Created her label in Paris, France. No hems in her stitching..."would you look at that work?" Meanwhile I'm thinking, look like normal knits to me?! Mehh.....the story went oonnnnnn.  And on.

Point of Story.

Don't get lost or distracted in Nordstrom.  Don't fall in love with a $250 hat.  And certainly don't stay to hear the history of Sonia Rykiel.