What I'm up to.

This weekend! I'm just enjoying some. of this.

OH and this.

It takes me a couple of listens to a song or album before I can really come to like the music...the group I'm going to see is growing on me.  I'm so excited though, le date sure did do his homework :) and is an OKAY listener. Bonus Points!  


Passionately Curious.

Hi, it me!  So, I know it's been a while if you don't remember me, this is me. Chelsea! hey!

my mantra.

my coach.

and now my Passion.

No.  I'm not speaking of some very handsome man:) I've finally landed my dream job. Marketing professional! I confess.  There is nothing more difficult than forced creativity.  At the same time.  Having an intelligent boss that challenges you daily is a blessing! I truly never get bored, or have a moment where I wish I was elsewhere.  After some thinking and brainstorming and unsuccessful sessions of working on my own -  I had a phone call with someone I support, and the call was AH-mazing. We just thought out loud today and so many great ideas came from our meeting.  I've had the luck to produce some pretty cool marketing pieces, but this is the most exciting yet! I love these people, especially when they get as excited as I do about bring amazing new products into this world :)