Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, y'all.  What a beautiful 2013 was.  Many, many exciting changes.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday with your family and friends.

Warm wishes,

I got myself a little gift for the end of 2013 and start of 2014.  A promise to myself.  Vintage and on Etsy.  I cannot wait to get it.


Life Advice. Women Advice. Love Advice.

My email inbox, Facebook, and Twitter feeds have been infiltrated with advice for women in their twenties.  While, they're always an interesting point of view, I sometimes find myself saying, yeah duh...thanks for the heart felt advice, but WE KNOW THAT, K! Side note, text me "K." and I'm going to be forced to assume you want me dead.  Thanks, Lena Dunham for the reference. But yall, Hannah Brencher freaking hits the nail on the head with her blog post "25 things every woman needs to know." with her blog post, here. I would like to cite a few of my favorite points below.

1) Life is a steep, uphill battle but it's fierce and it's beautiful and you'll be sad to see it go if you live it right.

- This is an excellent reminder, that life ain't always rainbows and butterflies, but it's freaking beautiful and if you don't take the time to get off your work laptop, iPhone, or worse- worry your time away, it'll slip right by.  

8) I agree with Bruno Mars and, if I were a good singer, I'd serenade you alongside him in singing how I hope he buys you flowers... and holds your hands... and takes you to parties if you like to dance. You deserve that. Always. Don't think you should have less than that.You are worthy beyond words, gal.

- This is so true.  I've really grown to love ME.  Me, me. The quirky, weird, impatient, curly-headed, wide-hip ME.  As and Carrie Bradshaw once said, "The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you, you love, well, that's just fabulous."  We all deserve the guy that wants to give us everything.  

13) Nude pumps. They're good for the soul. They are a must-have in any serious closet. Buy a pair one day and I can promise your whole entire style statement will benefit from them.

- This is indeed a fact.  If you don't own a pair, run to target and get a pair for 29.99.  RIGHT NOW.

18) No matter how tech savvy we get, there is a need to say things to a person's face. Please, for the love of lovelier things, have the courage to call someone up and verbalize your thoughts or meet for a coffee. Breaking a heart is hard stuff, stopping a relationship is never fun, but there will never be anything as loud as this statement: You are worth my words. You are worth my presence. You are worth, and will always be worth, more than just letters on a screen and a broken heart jammed in the crooks of an overflowing inbox. Face to face connections are fading faster, please don't let them get away...   

- I've always followed this mantra, I can't say I've gotten the same. But hey, Karma is karma.  

21) Regret is a real thing. It's going to happen. It's going to come clomp-clomp-clomping into your life at some point. Don't hold onto things forever but learn from them and let the past go. The past will be a dictator if you let her.

- Don't focus or dwell too much on the past and that which you regret.  Learn. Change. Grow. Do better.  That's what life is about. 

Well and that's it, I just wanted to add on to the amazing words of Hannah Brencher, and if you happen to be going through a heart break, I would say this post below is a good.  

And smile.  Because literally there is ALWAYS something wondnerful about to happen. 


Wednesday Wisdom.

It's time to focus on me.  And one of my favorite quotes that is SO true. Shirely MacLaine, you are one wise wise, lady my love!

The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.


Just not me...

Somewhere in between moving to Nashville, starting a new career, and immersing myself into new....well, everything, I lost my knack to write.  To connect.  To spend time at a computer and really throw myself into something, anything, that I was writing.  My posts, though valid attempts at being sincere, and genuine just have not been enough.  I've longed for sitting at my computer, connecting with the blogs I read, people who read mine.  Maybe it's because I write copy for a living, and my brain is just "on" too much, maybe it's because I feel as though my time seeps from beneath my fingertips, and the last thing I want to do is to put those fingertips to the keyboard and spend more time in front of a computer, but I miss it.

This last year has been interesting.  I must say moving to a new city has its ups and downs.  Nashville has been a fairly (and by fairly, I mean almost completely) simple transition.  Close enough, but not too far away.  I miss my close friends and of course my family, but am glad I'm gone for a little while.  One year later, a few heart breaks, a lot of head aches, some successes, and a few failures, some tears, lots of laughter later, I finally feel I have accepted Nashville as home.  I have a little family here.  I can tell my dentist whole-heartedly I have a crew to take care of me when I have to get those sucker wisdom teeth taken out at the end of this year.  But somehow, it hasn't been enough.  I've settled for the guys, who are good, but not good enough, not treating me enough.  I've let go of the guy who could have been the one, maybe because I wasn't ready, or scared.  I've learned a lot about marketing, I've grown in my career, I've changed.  I've challenged, and been challenged by colleagues.  But somehow, for me it isn't enough.  Are we always chasing? I know they say it's a journey, not a destination, but something within me feels full, but not whole.  I want a bigger city.  I want to feel the excitement of living in a loft.  Nashville, is unique, and exciting, even on a Monday night, but somehow it isn't enough.  Before even considering a move, I ask you all.....is it ever really enough? Insert cheesy Britney song circa 2000.  If there's nothing missing in my life.....then why do these tears come at night? Okay, they are not tears, but something is not completely satisfied here.  Have you all felt this way?


Update: Alopecia

Hi love bugs,

Its been a busy last few weeks.  I am preparing for four huge trade shows (where most of my "innovative and creative" product launches and creations) will be deployed.  I am beyond excited and busy.  But I've had some emails and messages on FB asking for an update and questions on the hair issue.  It is still an issue.  But, it FINALLY seems to be growing back, slowly but surely.  I've had a few people question where this started and think they may have this and have had this for a while.  Let me preface (while talking to my hair stylist, and beauty consultant:)) that hair during the summer tends to shed more.  So if you notice more hair gone in the front, and it falling out in the shower more often, its totally normal . What is not normal is having a completely bald round spot.

Things to help fix alopecia.  I am not a doctor or health consultant. So please see your physician if you are having issues.  What helped me are:

1. I started taking 50 mg of Spironolacton.  I know what you are thinking. Trust me.  But you don't have heart issues!! People take this for acne and other things.  And this has been correlated to hair growth.  SO. I take 50MG a day

2. I get a steroid shot MONTHLY in the bald spot.  Okay, this isn't lovely, its gross and hurts.   I think this also makes me tired.  I am finally (after 6 months) taking a break.  And only getting every 2 months.  Once I started to see growth.

3.  Halted the Bug Guy.  We have Terminex come once per month.  He still sprays the house, but I no longer allow him to spray my room.  I leave glue traps instead.

4.  HEALTHY.  I cut down my fast food habits.  I now only eat fast food once a week.

5. I got a NutriBullet.  It IS SUCH a good way to get the veggies in that you wouldn't normally consume.  I love veggies but not in the mass, this helps.  I also am not a breakfast person if its before 10 am, which is every. single. week. day for me.  Having a shake in the morning gives me energy. I always add of scoop of RAW vanilla protein powder.

6.  I swtiched to Almond Milk.  Do you know we are the only species that consumes another species milk?  Weird.  I drink Califia Almond Milk (Toasted Cocoanut and Normal are AMAZE). I just lapsed and got some regular milk, because well, this is my weakness y'all.

7.  Last but not least.  I am on a strict yoga regimen.   This is the best way to get fit (yes I muscle now) and also de-stress.  My favorite part of class is breathing out anything that is not serving me in a positive way.  My physician advised that alepoecia is typically onset by stress.  And this I know is the cause.  You all, it is crazy the physical affects that stress can have on the body. I am lucky it is not anything serious.

Basically.  Be healthy.  Watch what you eat.  and de-stress when you should.


What I've been up to in insta...

Is it already September? I swear it was just the 4th of July and then I woke up and it was September.  It's that time of year, fall has fallen upon us.  But, it doesn't quite feel like it here in Nashville...yet.  I've been on a few work trips, a few fun trips {Helloooo, PUNTA CANA!}, and had a few visitors.  Oh yeah, and one of my best friends got married!  Here is my life in insta- over the last several weeks.  I'm promising to blog at least once a week the next few months.  Oh and the photos aren't in order...but um...these people are amaze!!!! :) LOVE.


My battle with Alopecia Areata

It all began about 2 months ago.  I decided to take a leap.  I needed a fun change.  Highlights!! I have not highlighted my hair in YEARS. Since high school.  As I sit here and type these, the emotions of having to write this is upsetting and challenging for me.  It makes this real.  I've taken a few photos, but am not ready to share them yet.  As I my stylist was coloring my hair, she was surprised and said "I didn't know you have alopecia?!" I've gone to her consistently for the last 7 months now, I told her " UM I don't have alopecia!!!!!"  She then exposed the front right side of my scalp, and my hair was not there, MIA, gone.  It was completely bald.  I didn't tear up, mostly because I think I was in shock.  Then the health concern set in.  I had been tired more than normal lately, my memory has been off, and I've gotten sick 3 times the last 3 months.  Within the next few weeks, I tried not to get too upset and went to my physician immediately.  After multiple visits and rounds of blood work.  We found that my thyroid, cell/blood count, was completely normal.  My Vitamin D was extremely low, below normal levels.  WAY below normal.  But can that cause hair loss?  I've been on a strict vitamin D regimen (10,000 International Units per day).  But it hasn't quite helped.  I decided to go see Missy, my dermatologist. We found out last week from my biopsy that my hair has potential to grow back, it isn't scarred, and there is no cancer, or nothing there that shouldn't be. PHEW.  She deducted I have alopecia areata. Onset by stress.  I am happy for my health, but its scary, I notice now that my hair is thinner in other spots and fear that more could be coming.  I am taking more yoga, finding way to let my stress out, am taking monthly steroids shots, and blood pressure medication (somehow this has been found to help), and am praying that my hair grows back.  

I'm not sure what caused this, but the only thing beyond stress that I could think of is...Brazilian Blowout.  I consistent got these prior to finding out about how BAD they are for you.  I ignored the signs, the articles, because I love how it made my hair feel.  And I worry that it could have onset this.  I have no clue what caused this.  But I do want to warn those considering getting the blowout, please do not.  That's it for now.  Keep you posted, send prayers for hair growth and health :)   


a little (not so) love story. . .

When you're a twenty-something approaching that upper region of your late twenties, I've found you begin (or ahem...I begin to) ...get excited...maybe .... okay definitely... too fast when I meet someone that makes me feel giddy.  You know, those moments when you see them or get a text or...a serenade and "your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast?" I went through a dating period, where...well dates would happen, but when I'd come home and my friends would ask "HOW WAS IT?!" My only feeling was "I'm not repulsed by them."  Over the last year, I've thought maybe this love thing isn't meant for me? Ya know?!  Not in like a wrong way, but as Carrie Bradshaw would put it....how many great loves do we get?  Have I already had mine?  So I do as most of us young, single gals do.  I do things that make me happy, try to find new challenges, whether at work, or working out...doing that 5K, taking that hot yoga class or pure barre session one EXTRA time, even if I don't feel like it at 8:00 AM on a Saturday, I buy things that make me happy, like Hermes perfume, or that pretty dress at Nordstrom I'd been eyeing for weeks, I spend times with friends, and laugh...alot, I network and plan extra work events, I volunteer and try to see what else there is outside of my little bubble.  And of course when you're busy doing the things you love, I think that's when you are most inclined to meet someone special.  And so I did.  Here is the story.

Boy meets girl.
Girl isn't sure about boy.
Boy pursues girl.
Boy tells girl she's special.
Boy makes girl laugh a lot. 
Girl tells boy she likes him, but things are moving fast, things better slow down.
Boy agrees and respects girl.
Boy's communication starts to fizzle.
Boy tells girl she isn't a priority, and she has her stuff together.  He needs to get his stuff together. 

It's a typical story.  Things don't work out, and it was very new, but it was still a "break up." We still had to have one of those awkward conversations where girl isn't happy because boy is sucking at communication, and boy doesn't want to put in the work.  Rejection hurts, even in the slightest form.  Even in the, I geniunely love spending time with you form.  Those thoughts still cross your mind.  Is he even thinking about me?  Does he miss me or what we could have had?  I guess I'll never know.  But I'm content in knowing that I know my expectations in a relationship and what I want, and that I followed my heart and standards and I'm not embarrassed of my values.  

What do you ladies do to move on when it's time to move on?  



I was perusing the lovely Style Me Swanky blog and saw this gorgeous number and decided it would be my birthday dress!  The birthday is approaching, and although it is a number that far to close to thirty, I am grateful for the many experiences I've had thus far in my life, and people I've come to meet.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my twenties and want to soak up every last minute.  Nashville has been so kind to me and I cannot wait to spend a Friday evening with the people I love.

How should I accessorize?  I was thinking some bold earrings would be perfect and wearing the hair up.  I going to see my favorite stylist, beauty consultant, and health and vitamin extraordinare, Jana Hilton at Shine Salon.  She, and the salon are the absolute best.  She just knows how to create a beautiful, natural look - and layers my hair perfectly.   They also always have a soda pop, or glass vino ready and waiting for you.  


Under le Sea....*I just booked a trip to Punta Cana

Just a little Timeflies on this Tuesday.  I grew up a total water baby, loving the ocean and sand.  Brown Eyed girl reminds me of the Bahamas and time spent learning to love music with my dad.   I also LOVE the little mermaid and wittle sebastian.  Insert "Kiss the Girl."  Okey, so I really love this song below.  Annnnnnnnd I just booked a trip to Punta Cana with one of my best friends!!  So Tuesday will officially be designated as tropical music day.  August will be here before we know it, in the mean time...I am looking forward to knocking out tons of marketing programs so I can rest and relax....I can't wait to turn my email OFF for an entire week.

Quote of the day..

I admit, sometimes, justifying budget, metrics, quantifying everything I do is HARD WORK. But when you're able to show you're results, and prove yourself.  It's worth it.  Just a little Monday motivation.


baking brunch edition: eggs in ham cup

Sometimes I like to cook.  And this recipe is a total brunch crowd pleaser.  My instagram and FB posts gets lots of love and my guests are always pleased.  Its simpler than an omelette or poached egg (2 other favorites of mine).  You can really throw in whatever you like.  I like plain with some parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and arugula or marche rosettes for a little flavor and presentation.

I added some fresh Farmers Market strawberry's and local strawberry jam.

1. Preheat oven to: 390 (uhhh don't ask how I found this out, but works perfectly)
2. Oil/Butter your ramekim reallllly good.  its a gonna be a nightmare cleaning these suckers if you forget this step. (side note - you need ramekins if you don't have them)
2. Cover your ramekin in thinly sliced ham (do not use shaved ham).  I usually use 2 - 3 pieces of ham per ramekin.
3. Drop an egg or two into the ham cup, whatever tickets your fancy
4.  Throw in whatever you want. This is where I insert some cherry tomatoes, onions, bacon, salt, pepps, etc.

Voila - set the timer to 15 minutes, you might need more or less time depending on your oven, just watch the ham closely - I tend to often burn the top


LBB {Little. Black. Bikini}

After a small, and important instagram vote-off.  I invested in this little number for the summer.  A few of my very good friends have a roof-top pool.  And I am planning a tropical getaway with the girls to Dominican, St. Lucia, or somewhere with coconuts you can drink out of and funny little umbrellas that fit in  your drink ;) 

If you ladies have any recommendations of a destination, let me know.  We're looking for a good 5 to 6-day getaway. 


Anything Could Happen...

Sadly, I am selling two tickets to Ellie Goulding at the Ryman for wayyyyy cheap! Message me if you want them.

Monday, May 20th. 


No one's gonna love you...

And no one is ever gonna love you more than I do
No one's gonna love you more than I do

But someone, 
They could have warned you
When things start splitting at the seams and now
The whole thing's tumbling down
Things start splitting at the seams and now
If things start splitting at the seams and now, 
It's tumbling down

And anything to make you smile
You are the ever-living ghost of what once was
I never want to hear you say
That you'd be better off
Or you liked it that way

I see these guys SO soon!!!!!!!!!!


Perfect gift for MOM.

My mom reads this blog, so she will probably have a clue as to what she is getting for mother's day after reading this, but I just had to share.  I saw this pillow in an email.  My mom and I have developed a little inside joke as to who can say "no, I love you more" last.  I just love this pillow. Perfect gift for her and for mother's day.


Definitely, Robusto!

I walked into Whole Foods and will not forget the lady giving samples.  I tried the cheese she was giving samples of (which was amaze!!) and then asked her what she recommended with a crisp riesling.  To which she replied which enthusiasm "Definitely, ROBUSTO!" I loved her quick reply and confidence.  To this day...robusto if my favorite wine + cheese snack ever.

You should definitely. Try. Robusto. 


Dear West Elm, you suck!

I went into West Elm tonight with every intention of spending $800 - $1200 on a chair and/or a small couch.  I observed the couch and chair that I've researched online the last two weeks. To be specific the Bliss Down-Filled Sofa.

After observing and casually waiting for 5 minutes, I decided to browse.  I need a few other house accessories. So I went over to the Dining + Kitchen area.  In hopes I would also run into a sales person asking if I needed help. WHY YES I DO I WANT TO SPEND $1K.  Easy sale.  

Instead I walked around the store not finding anyone.  After this.  I decided to go on a mission to find a sales person.  There was one person helping another customer (understandable). And 3 behind the register.  They completely ignored me until I walked up to the register and stood there.  A gentlemen was counting the register and irritatingly looks up and says "Hi, how can I help you" in the not-so-nice I'd rather not help you but you're here in my face kind of way.  I told him I was interested in the couch and wanted to confirm the price and stock, instead of attempting to help me, he tried to point.  Across the store.  Diagonally. Which I find most frustrating in stores, esp when you're trying to make a purchase.  He wasn't able to identify it.  So he rolled his eyes and looked at the lady behind him and she said "I'll put this away, you go."  Both unfriendly.  Both unhelpful.  Both annoyed a customer is asking for help.  Go figure.  I've worked in retail in a prior life - aka - college, to know and remember you have designated areas, register, entry.  But when a customer needs help.  You suck it up and help them.

Moral of the story.  Care about your customers.  Nurture them.  And don't suck. 

I am SO disappointed with West Elm's miserable customer service! I was an easy sale.  Ready. I already had my mind. MADE. up.  After he walked me over he told me the price and walked away.  As did I.  I refuse to give a business my money, when they are not appreciative. 

Dear West Elm, you suck! 


Katherine's Bachelorette in Charleston: #hashtagweekend:

I've finally found time to post a short and sweet, and yes concise post on the beautiful, Katherine's bachelorette weekend! Girls near and far all traveled and met in Charleston, South Carolina mid-March for a....Legen....(wait for it).....DARY...weekend spent in Folly Beach.  The weekend was near perfect (insert Zach Brown Band song) and it made miss my friends, and most importantly the bride so much.  Even being only 3 hours,  it is still sometimes difficult to see each other often.  It was a wonderful weekend.  Girls came from Lexington, Nashville (:), Chicago, and Charleston to enjoy each other and of course...Katherine!!  Katherine is one of my truest, and best friends I've even encountered.   Someone I can tell anything to, will be there for any- and everything, and one of the most strong, smart, solid and genuine friends I have.  I am so lucky to have her and don't know what'd I would do without her, so of course I am ecstatic to see her marry a man that I know will be the most amazing husband in the world.  They are perfect for one another without a doubt.  Both smart, witty, silly, stubborn, but also both sensible and love each other unconditionally.  Ben and Katherine - if you see this.  I love you both and am so excited and honored to be a part of your life, story, and big day!

Now.....without further adieu.  The weekend in photos :) 

Le Bride..so beautiful!

The amazing house.

Having fun at dinner at The Social Restaurant and Wine Bar. 

The lingerie shower!  Poms are from The PomPom Shop on Etsy

The beautiful bride at her lingerie shower.  Sash a la Bella Lilly via Etsy

One of my favorite parts of the night and evening?  Pins for the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids, and bottle opening corks (Drink, Drank, Drunk)...some of the girls even sent me texts, they are still using their bottle cap removers. I love it! Can be found via Etsy a la BigYellowDogDesigns.  Ashli can customize the box any way you like!! I really didn't want any "hot mess express" ones in there, and she happily exchanged for what I wanted.  

Drinks in the mason jars, were FireFly Vodka, water, garnished with lemon!  Flowers from Target. Straws from PartyPaperStraws via Etsy.  

Absolutely love this banner a la Breelyse and Co. via Etsy. 

Apparently we met Kevin Federline... :)

An *almost* completed task at the start of the night :) 

The bride actually set this up. We have the BEST bride, right?! (the lips, Cheers sign, etc. not presents - we are thoughtful at least ;)).  Also note the cards below - everyone gave Katherine advice on marriage and the big day, even the groom, dad, and brother! We didn't read these aloud, but I hope she enjoyed them! :)

I even met a cutie on the trip.  Not a bad weekend ;) 


Letting go.

This week, I am thinking about a good friend and some personal struggles.  In life, there are many types of people that come into your life...make it brighter and better and those that don't.  And that is why there are so many types of letting go.  My friend had to deal with the loss of her grandfather.  Someone irreplaceable.  I can't imagine.  And with this type of letting go, it's the you don't really want to.  The kind you always want to hang onto.  The kind that is a rite of passage, but we wish wasn't.   Then there is the type of letting go where it is necessary.  The kind you you want and need right away.  I am FINALLY. truly letting go of someone who has not served me in a positive way the last few weeks.  My kind of letting go seems so small, and silly compared to my friends.  I just hope during everyone's darkest days, that we all keep our problems relative, and remember and hang on tight to those who are important to us.


Home Decor Updates & a little quote.

Whilst browsing for a new paper towel holder, I don't want just a plain one anyone in my kitchen.  My granite counter tops are lovely, and I need something to spice up the 1980 GE microwave built into the wall :( le sigh... I found this little lovely. Why not spend $86 on a paper towel holder when it spices the kitchen up a bit..

Oh and follow me on Etsy

I also have found the newest addition to the living room, I found this on sale on West Elm.  I am heading to WE this weekend to see if its in store.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it looks so cozy and is the perfect size against my now bare wall and side of the living room.

I also am waiting for this rug to become available.  It is currently out of stock.  I found it on eBay, but I have a Groupon. ugh don't you hate that.  Isn't this RUG to die for?!?!? Where it is from TBA. I need to be able to purchase it when it becomes available :) 

In other news, I have been a little disappointed in le love life.  Just someone who is so back and forth I can't keep up with them.  It is too much investment for me to feel like they care and then don't.  I've finally decided to give up... and I share this quote with anyone who might need it tonight :)

Never look back..I think I like that.


I. need. furniture.

I'm back from Charleston and I cannot wait to post on what an amazing weekend we had!! But before that, while I was out of town, my recently engaged roommate moved in with her fiancé!  I am so excited for them, but with that...comes the need for new furniture.

I need:

  • New couch
  • New side tables
  • New floor and table lamps
  • New kitchen table
  • New dining room table
  • New fireplace wall decor (I want a sunburst gold contemporary mirror, but inexpensive!!)
  • New hallway bench
I've already found a new living room rug (Thank you, Groupon) and hallway rug (Target).  I'm very excited because this gives me the opportunity to go from a very traditional, "old South" look to a modern and shabby chic, rustic wood, contemporary look.

Y'all I am gonna go to Home Goods soon, but any recommendations on where I can find inexpensive home furniture and decor? I need to replace now, I can't stand the house looking so empty!


I'm off to Charleston...

in mañana! I can't wait to update you on the bachelorette trip!!  I've wanted to share so many details I've been planning but held off so not to spoil any surprises.  I am so excited to spend the weekend with one of my very best friends.  She is one of those people.  My person.  Who has helped me through the last 5 years of my life: highs and lows, new love, old love, relationships ending, losing my job, moving to a new city, and sooo much more.  I owe my sanity to this little lady and I cannot wait to spend her last single weekend in Charleston!

Love, you K!

I did get this little lovely this, just to wear on le trip!! :) Can't wait to show photos of how cute.  Thank you, Anthro!


Lo Mein smiled at me..

I walk down to get coffee every morning when I arrive at the office.  It's a long walk.  And I see Lo Mein in his office.  Settled.  Busy.  Working.  I can't help it.  His office is right on the hallway I walk down every morning.

I assume he is from the Hong Kong office.

Today.  I passed him and he smiled at me!  Aw.  Lo Mein smiled at me.  Glad he is happy.  And nice.


I got distracted in Nordstrom..

I was jewelry shopping with my friend Cara for a black tie wedding she's attending in a few months... Whilst browsing and accidentally asking the sales associate to show Cara a $1,500 necklace - I stumbled upon some bright, bold, and beautiful beach hats.  As you may know...I have a Charleston trip in March! So of course my eyes sparked and I was mesmereied. Then I saw her.

The Sonia Rykiel Straw Sun Hat.

And then the sales rep saw me. Fall for her.  She proceeded to come over, and ask.  Do you know this is Sonia Rykiel.  I reply with "No, no...honestly I don't even know who she is!" Okay great silly me, lost in Nordstrom.  Dreaming about the beach.  Then she asks the dreaded question.  "So what is your price point?  $600? $200?"  I quiver at the thought of spending more than $60 on a hat.  And that is for Derby.  I told her I didn't have a budget really in mind. LOL. Yes as in I don't really have a hat budget. From there, I learned the history of Sonia Rykiel.  The Queen of Knit. Created her label in Paris, France. No hems in her stitching..."would you look at that work?" Meanwhile I'm thinking, look like normal knits to me?! Mehh.....the story went oonnnnnn.  And on.

Point of Story.

Don't get lost or distracted in Nordstrom.  Don't fall in love with a $250 hat.  And certainly don't stay to hear the history of Sonia Rykiel.


Why do we spend time thinking about people that...

Worry less.  Perhaps not at all.  Its been a while for me since I've met someone I'm excited to get that text from.  To hear my phone buzz.  Talk to for a couple hours and feel like a couple minutes.  I've been lucky in the dating scene in Nashville - boys are actually men.  They ask for your number and actually call.  I recently I met a person I was genuinely excited over.  Thought, hmmm. This could go somewhere.  Went on a trip.  Had an amazing time. And now, something is off.  It seems to be to be fizzling.  It just isn't my style to pour my heart out early.  Or try to "put my heart out there." Not after having my heart broken before and knowing what its like to do that.

So my questions is! Why do we spend time thinking about people that aren't focusing on us?  Aren't paying attention or being what you initially fell for?  Aren't treating us properly?  Early on I could never express this, it just seems crazy to me to bring up so early.   I've learned to let things go.  One major life lesson I've taken away, no matter how hard it is.  Because is someone truly cares for you, they will chase you and not let you go.  This is true.  One of my best friends boyfriends simply no longer responds to sweet texts, and sometimes ignores her, treats her poorly at times, better at others.  But she's dying to marry him.  He is truly great person, but whyyyy do we accept being treated just okay?  At my friend Rebecca's wedding the priest reminded us that we should be their "best friend, their biggest cheerleader, their rock, supporter and true partner for life."  I want that.


Charleston Beach Weekend!

I've been helping coordinate the lovely Katherine's bachelorette weekend festivities.  We plan to spend a cozy weekend in Charleston in a beautiful beach house.  With this bitterly cold last week in Nashville, and then a gorgeous sunny weekend...it had me dreaming of the beach. I just received my fedora that I ordered on eBay and it is perfect.  $10 ladies!! But then I got busy browsing Nordstrom and found these lovelies...a girl can dream..

Graham & Spencer 'Atlantis' Tiered Strapless Maxi Dress via Nordstrom

The Peekaboo Pocket Tunic via Nordstrom. The best part of this is back, I love!!

And last, this beautiful dress for our nice evening out on the town! I found this on Nordstrom but cannot for the life of me find where it is from on there...