Definitely, Robusto!

I walked into Whole Foods and will not forget the lady giving samples.  I tried the cheese she was giving samples of (which was amaze!!) and then asked her what she recommended with a crisp riesling.  To which she replied which enthusiasm "Definitely, ROBUSTO!" I loved her quick reply and confidence.  To this day...robusto if my favorite wine + cheese snack ever.

You should definitely. Try. Robusto. 


  1. Well I love Riesling so perhaps I should try Robusto. I should tell you though, that in real life, I hate the word "robust." I can't stand it, and have no idea why. Weirdo here :P
    What is your fav Riesling?

  2. I'm with Jill. I love Riesling, so I guess I need to head over to WF an get some Robusto!!


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