Wednesday Wisdom...some things I've learned this past year. . .

as I see some friends deal with some truly life changing things over the last year there are things I've learned and quotes I live by now.....

I also saw this on pinterest and thought this would be sooooooooo adorable paired with an engagment photo (side by side) and sent a lil Save The Date...Yep. Totally Random..........but isn't this so cute and true? I love it.

all of these can be found on my pinterest boards. so follow me. Here. so follow me. Have an amaaaaaaaazing Wednesday and go to Pandora and turn on Ella Fitzgerald (Christmas) you will thank me later. 


Giada's Stuffed Zucchini and Peppers

Do y'all like stuffed peppers? I love them, but sometimes I don't want the rice, the cheese, I want something a little healthier....then I found Giada De Laurentiis's Stuffed Zuchinni and Bell Pepper Recipe, here.

I cheated a little through the process. For example, I don't have a melon baller (so I cut and scooped my zuchinni with a spoon. doing this WILL increase your prep time...unless you like cutting yourself.)

I just want to give you guys my cooking experience in photos...I love cooking and even adding my own flavors and switching out ingredients.  I also ALWAYS prefer to go fresh fresh fresh. No shortcuts.

Buy Fresh parsley. Garlic. Cheese. etc.

chopped up goodie-ness. FYI I got a little excited a chopped up way too much of both. Don't use my photo for reference on how much you should use.

Once everything is chopped and measured.  Mix your onion, FRESH chopped parsley, egg, ketchup, garlic, salt, and pepper in a large bowl to blend.  I like to stir the egg up first and then mix in everything. This is what it will look like..MMmm.

Stir in your cheese and bread crumbs.  For the bread crumbs, I used these Panko crumbs I've had in my pantry for forever...they worked perfect.  

Then mix in your turkey.  It will look something like this...my lighting was weird. It does not look like red meat at all. 

The chop up your veggies and de-seed the peppes.  The recipe calls to halve the zucchinni verticle and horizontally, but I liked keeping them this way. 

Stuff 'em. Before throwing in the oven. Drizzle marinara over them..I used Emeril Lagasse's because Emeril can do no wrong. I always use his Chicken Rub all the time. so good! 

ahhhhhh......the final product.....I may have already chowed down on 2.....Oopsie!


pretty. little. breakfast/brunch.

As promised in a prior post...I made a breakfast and I want you to see.

I'm a simple eggs and spinach for breakfast kinda girl, sometimes I like an omlette if I'm in the mood for mixing {and chopping} things up. I do not like anything big or fancy.  but I do like things that are pretty. and this dish is simple and pretty.

The steps are pretty much as simple as looking at the photos... I chose to bake these with asparagus and feta because it was lying around...but I would love LOVE to throw in some hash-browns and red pepper, green pepper and banana peppers. If this looks good to you...I recommend throwing in MORE feta, I didn't put enough. Also ....a step I didn't show...i threw in a little, ok...ALOT of butter, yep I love Paula Deen and I knew the lady would just frown upon me if I cooked these little suckers without adding butter. the great thing about these are you can make them as healthy or...not...as you want! See the photos and check out my inspiration on Chissy Teigen's blog

This is a quick process, so before you start go ahead and put the oven on 375.

Layer the ham around amongst the ramekin. I use 2.5 slices of ham for each ramekin. Put olive oil underneath just to make it easy to remove and serve. 


Chop up the asparagus and throw in the feta and mix it all around. I didn't get a picture of how much feta I actually used, but I thought I used a lot, BUT as it baked the flavor drowned out...I recommend using a LOT of feta if you want to taste the flavor. I also always throw in pepper and salt to my likin before cooking, it adds more FLAVA!

Tadaaaa...no lie, it's almost prettier before you cook it. Once your oven is at 375 and ready for you, put these in for 22-27 minutes.  They white will look a little runny, that's why I cooked mine a full 27, I wanted it to look done. and wait..

BAM! Here we are. 

Do me a favor and take this out of the ramekin, it is so cute, can stand on its own and a definitely catches the eye..so much prettier than a simple egg or omlette...now go cook some and let me know what you come up in the kitchen.


eggs in ham cup {a la Chistine Teigen}

this morning I am trying a little of this, photo a la Christine Teigen.

i'm so excited!! you can find her recipe, here. and if you don't know who Chrissy Teigen is, let me introduce you. 

she is a drop dead gorgeous model.

she's quite the foodie. and she makes me laugh. see her blog here. and her tweets are quite humorous too.

and she dates John Legend. girlfriend has it together. 

 now if she could just start blogging about how she gets her hair too look so fabulous all the time....


i like different music.

oh my gosh. i love this song so much! ESP Kimbra's part. give it a chance!

and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn't hear the music 


a promised laugh.

ahhh i've returned to the work and it is NICE to have a routine and be well rested, but it's still always tough to return to work after an amazing vacation {even if you do work with super fab people}

i promise you a post on my week in hollywood soon.

for now I give you Jim Gaffigan on...hot pockets!


West Hollywood.

I am currently on vacation mode.

went on a hike in Runyon Canyon today and it was beautiful.

Be back next week. 


reasons of which the heart cannot know.

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." - Steve Jobs

...but the heart has its reasons, of which reason cannot know. -Revenge