Reflections. . .

Tomorrow, I leave for Las Vegas. But tonight, has been a night of reflections.  It's a pretty Kentucky summer night and I decided to pack with my window open, and in midst of listening to music...I got to thinking. . .

This past year, I've moved to a new company, joined new organizations, volunteered for new nonprofits, visited new and exciting places I've never been and really gotten a chance to explore.  Looking back on this last year, I am so happy with the way things have fallen into place.  I look at who and where I was at, at this point last year. And so much in my life and within me has changed, for the better. It's times like these I can't help but feel blessed, and lucky. There are still things I want to pursue and do, and change.  But I guess that's why they say dreams comes a couple sizes too big for us. 

Enough with the serious talk, guess who got me thinking all deep? this little sh**, love him! this is one of my favorite songs. ever!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend. Just some random thoughts.  I also had a lovely SO WHAT Wednesday planned out, but blogger messed that up earlier. It wasn't working properly. Just wait for next week girls..it's GOOD!


Mind on a Permanent Vacation. . .

And Las Vegas {and these girls} are my only medication...

These are my HIGH SCHOOL girls.  And you could say we are pretty good at being in weddings together...we have had a lot of practice at it. 

And as cheesy as it {definitely} is I have to add these Vitamin C - Graduation lyrics.  We all promised each other that we'd never fall apart and no matter where we ended up, we'd never let things CHANGE. And although geographically things may have changed throughout the years.  Our ties have not. 

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?

This weekend, we are celebrating Alex {see the beauty below}!! And I feel that you all should meet Troy Bolton. 

You see, Troy makes an appearance at everyone's Bachelorette party.  He has become quite the tradition. 

He enjoys long walks on the beach...

oh and being fed coffee.

we all basically love each others company. leaving is the hardest part....

in awe of Rachel's talent...

GIRLS - I cannot wait to see you all on Friday! Alex - I will see you Thursday and could not be more ecstatic. 



who are you when i'm not looking?

sesh girls! I have been listening to Mr. Blake on repeat.  which brings up something rather important. this song makes me think of those beginning stages of dating someone you just think you might really like. you know...when you're on good-i'm-always-perfect behavior. but my favorite part of getting to know someone is when you get past this phase! i like when you get to know someone and their little quirks, i usually find it's what i like the most in a person.  For ME?  you usually can find me up to no good....sneaking funny faces

getting excited about biebs or miley's newest hit (i still have good taste in music, i swear, they are my weakness!), or trying to do some sort of impression and failing miserably {i cannot get any of my impressions or accents to sound anything but Chinese.....le sigh!} Think "Slappin Da Bass Mon" scene circa I Love You, Man! And the worst is my get-ready time. I can slap on make-up like nobody's business, but my hair is a beautiful combination of thick and curly.  there are no short cuts for getting ready last minute for this girl. cue "Waiting on a Woman"

What are your girls favorite songs out there right now? I'm going to Vegas in exactly 4 days and could use some PLAYLIST Help! Also what are your guys favorite parts of dating?

Happy Sunday....and it wouldn't be right if I didn't give a little shout out to the man who is the king of goofy faces and behavior and taught me everything i know about loving and living life to the fullest. he never fails to stop my family from laughing. 



Knowledge. Gaps.

How I Met Your Mother has really been disappointing me this past season, but on occasion, they have me in tears laughing so much. An episode that really got me was the Knowledge Gaps episode. Please tell me y'all saw this. 

If you missed it or can't remember let me help......

Ted (lame) cannot pronounce words. teheheh. I guilty of this at times...there are just some words I didn't learn growing up in Boyle County. ;) 

Robin thinks the north pole is fake.

Barney doesn't know how to use tools.

Marshall can't swallow pills. Or Wink. Or put a belt on the right way. hahah (one of my favorites). 

It then made me think of some of my friends' knowledge gaps. Like my friend Katherine......she just can't stare at the camera head on ;) 

Like most kids, I was terrified of escalators, I still hesitate a tad when hopping on one at the airport ALL the time. 

Hmmm.......these are only a couple and do they really constitute knowledge gaps?! What are your alls knowledge gaps? Cmonnn. I KNOW you have some funny ones. 


a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. . .

Ever have one those days or nights girls? I did. Saturday. Here are a couple choices, but they didn't make it out on me! 

The runner ups: 
F21. circa 2007.

can't go wrong with j.crew

After picking out my summer dress, I went out downtown for a bit...

PRIOR to this...The Junior League ladies and I had an AMAZING time at Relay for Life (staying up for MOST of the night) and I did not have a hard time deciding what to wear.  Living in the eighties would have been SO much easier...we were totally 80's-ed out! We did a fashion show and all kinds of contests thru the night and raised over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  

Thank you girls for making it an amazing experience for me.  

We also had the opportunity to hear some very inspirational, and some very sad stories.  

Mark Krebs', former University of Kentucky basketball player, shared his story about his mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A week later, they found it was terminal and the doctors gave her 9 MONTHS to live.  She lived 9 YEARS.  He had me in tears almost.  She held on and fought cancer for so long, hoping that maybe one day they would find a cure...she lost her battle last summer. I wanna give a lil shout about his book, where he tells his story and a little intertwinement of UK Basketball- it's a book about perseverance.  Go here to get it.   

Mr. Krebs and the girls! 

And since it's Monday I wanted to add a lil song that always makes me smile. Shew...where did the weekend go!?



a Little Blue Box & a Vegas Trip!

I had a perfect little weekend. And although I do have the Monday Blues today, something else blue showed up on my front door step last week. 

I received a small box from Poughkeepsie, NY in the mail on Thursday.  I am thinking Who do I know in Poughkeepsie or what the heck did I order?

Ohhhhh, it was just a little old $300 Tiffany & Co. Gift Card (one of the tiny perks of planning events and picking good venues). Tiffany's sends their gift cards in style. So classy and tasteful, T. 

Sooooo, I ordered this.

 I cannot wait to combine this necklace with some cute pieces. 

I may or may not have ordered the Gathering Breeze Dress from Anthropologie a few weeks ago.  And according to my strict Outfit Science formula, I paid the perfect, reasonable amount. 

those paired with a natural glow and wavy curls is going to be perfect look for summer! Like below...

PS Ladies, even tho it already feels like summer here in Kentucky with the ridiculous humidity...it officially begins in 15 days! The countdown is on. 

I am also counting the days until I get to take little work/bachelorette party trip. The dates happened to work out flawlessly......ah! Vegas here I come! 

What is getting you through the Monday Blues today ladies? Got any advice on what to do in Vegas?? I've never been!!!  Xx, 


Friendship is an involuntary reflex.

Friendship is an involuntary reflex. It just happens. You can't help it.  

As I watched a repeat of How I Met Your Mother last night, this quote rang SO true to me. And I realized how lucky I have always been and am to have TRUE, real, genuine, amazing, there-for-you-no-matter-what-life-may-throw-at-you-no-questions-asked friends in my life.