How Are You Still Single?

This question typically seems to pop up at the most inopportune times. I'm enjoying a glass of wine with a colleague. Or having a wonderful conversation with a new friend. And wham. Out of the blue, they slam you with it... "How are you still single?" If you're in a relationship, it's easy to not comprehend or fully understand how offensive this question can be. I. Get. It. It's totally meant as compliment. Phhhhhh. You see...when they see you initial reaction, it can get worse. "No, no, no. I mean you're just so funny, and smart, and career driven. I don't get how you're still single." Yeah buddy, you're f*&%$#@! tellin' me. 

Stop while you're ahead buddy. How are us single girls (or boys) supposed to appropriately answer that? Let's think about this: "Geez I don't know. Maybe I'm just too good. Too picky. I just too into my career. I'm just too busy." Pardon my french, but fuck no. I've been waiting for the "real deal" for years and have tried so damn hard, almost as hard as I do at my career, and it still hasn't worked out or progressed as much as my career has. Ouch.  Maybe I'm batshit crazy and emotionally unstable? Ok, there could be some truth to this, but you know what? I've heard stories. And I feel totally normal compared to those. Totally, totally normal. Trust me. What if I'm just not cut out for it? Or not meant to have that? Okay, let's not go down that rabbit hole. 

See what happens here married people? It's really not an okay question to ask. So how about you stop asking us? End rant. We're single because we haven't had the luck you've had. And we aspire for (I can only speak for my friends and I). 

So please. For love the of God. Quit asking us why we're still single.


I've had a bout of writers block recently. I'll always get ideas in the moment, but won't write it down. Starting tomorrow I am carrying my moleskine and jotting down ideas.

But for now guys, this. This so speaks to me right now.



Hashtag amazing.  Hashtag necessary.  Hashtag I'll stop right now {sorry}  Memorial Day Weekend was one for the books.  And by books I mean relaxing and everything I needed as I get deeper into this breakup.  Side note on the breakup: I started it out right.  Not communicating or responding because I am a firm believer that breakups should be clean, crisp, and there should be no gray area or it just gets all confusing and messy. But I gave in at some point and two months later I realized I wasn't getting what I truly wanted and ceased all communication....again.  Week two into that and I felt at the start of the weekend like I was going through a breakup all over again.  Okay, back to story and weekend.  I started Friday night with a couple Frosty Pimms cups at The Hook.  I love this spot and how casual and fun it is. Their are musical hints of all different types of song's 'hook' throughout the place.  Outside is my favorite.  If you live in Nashville and go, take note: these things are lethal.  Do NOT drink more than two.  I had a strong buzz of two of these things.

Saturday I went to Percy Priest Lake with some great friends, many who are also Lexington transplants to Nashville.  I rocked my new and love J.Crew straw hat I got at the Factory.  You can get it here

Sunday I went to Adele's in the Gulch for one of my best friend's birthday!  We then went to Acme to enjoy the rooftop.  I had a boy buy me a drink and tell me I'm gorgeous which is always nice.  Only to tell me 5 minutes later that he has a girlfriend, but "it's about to be over."  That's when we said "See ya!" and also why being a single girl is so annoying and exhausting sometimes.

Monday, we got pedicures at the Omni Spa and spent the day at the Omni pool relaxing and celebrating our last moments of the holiday weekend and feeling thankful for those that serve and protect us everyday, so we can enjoy the luxuries and freedom we get every day.

What a weekend!  How was yours? 


I'm Back. Insert TI.

I don't even know how to start this post.  Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Is this thing on?!  I've wanted to come back this blog for so so long.  But, if you can remember (here) I couldn't seem to find that connection to the writing, to me, to this.  Four years into Nashville and I'm ready to start my journey, journal, and this again. 

It's been a unique and amazing year already.  I'm the big, scary three-oh now and I have to say, this has been one hell of a ride.  I think the last 6 months have been more exciting than the last six years.  Everyone says your thirties as a woman are liberating.  I believe that.  I've been more confident than I ever have been.  I've stood for the things I believe in.  I've found and cherished "my people" here in this new city. I've met amazing people.  Ones that challenge me and make me better.  I feel so fortunate lately.  I also have a partner in crime now.   No, not a boyfriend.  Sadly, I just ended a relationship a few weeks ago.  I have a puppy.  His name is Rupp and he is the best thing that has happened to me in quite some time.  Not my apartment, but me yes.  Ask me about the blue ink incident in a few weeks, I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet. 

I have a new job. And its been so rewarding, exciting, challenging, and scary all at the same time.  I am approaching my one year anniversary there and I couldn't be more thankful. This opportunity has taught me so much and it was the exact change and direction in my career that I so desperately needed. I finally have my own apartment {still saving $$ to buy}.   A total of 600 square feet of heaven and its all mine.  I'm proud of this little place I've made my own.  I also love living alone.  Whenever I am in close quarters with others or need to share space I always cannot wait to get home and constantly think of Kevin McCallister "When I grow up, I'm living alone, I'm living alone."  K. McCall knew what was up.  This whole living alone thing is not bad.

That's it for now a little update.  I have some posts planned for the next week or two.  




It has been a while.  I have to be honest.  I have not checked this blogged often enough or even thought about it as I should.  I've lost touch with writing that is really meaningful.  And I've missed that.

I'm going through a break-up right now.  Well, is that what you call it?  It is over.  Over, over.  The kind of over that ended friendly.  The kind of break up I've been through time and again.  The kind where I've learned that continuing to communicate only prolong the inevitable.    That one of you moves on first.  I miss him and the relationship, but I don't miss him the way you should.  And I know that too, means I should move on. 

It feels as though breaking up just gets harder the older we get.  When I don't see something going somewhere I end it early.  No need to waste feelings or time.  So when a relationship ends, it usually because I saw the potential it could be.  Being thirty now, it is harder.  I won't delve into the details or difficulties, but I hope that this means I am one step closer to my person.  


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, y'all.  What a beautiful 2013 was.  Many, many exciting changes.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday with your family and friends.

Warm wishes,

I got myself a little gift for the end of 2013 and start of 2014.  A promise to myself.  Vintage and on Etsy.  I cannot wait to get it.


Life Advice. Women Advice. Love Advice.

My email inbox, Facebook, and Twitter feeds have been infiltrated with advice for women in their twenties.  While, they're always an interesting point of view, I sometimes find myself saying, yeah duh...thanks for the heart felt advice, but WE KNOW THAT, K! Side note, text me "K." and I'm going to be forced to assume you want me dead.  Thanks, Lena Dunham for the reference. But yall, Hannah Brencher freaking hits the nail on the head with her blog post "25 things every woman needs to know." with her blog post, here. I would like to cite a few of my favorite points below.

1) Life is a steep, uphill battle but it's fierce and it's beautiful and you'll be sad to see it go if you live it right.

- This is an excellent reminder, that life ain't always rainbows and butterflies, but it's freaking beautiful and if you don't take the time to get off your work laptop, iPhone, or worse- worry your time away, it'll slip right by.  

8) I agree with Bruno Mars and, if I were a good singer, I'd serenade you alongside him in singing how I hope he buys you flowers... and holds your hands... and takes you to parties if you like to dance. You deserve that. Always. Don't think you should have less than that.You are worthy beyond words, gal.

- This is so true.  I've really grown to love ME.  Me, me. The quirky, weird, impatient, curly-headed, wide-hip ME.  As and Carrie Bradshaw once said, "The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you, you love, well, that's just fabulous."  We all deserve the guy that wants to give us everything.  

13) Nude pumps. They're good for the soul. They are a must-have in any serious closet. Buy a pair one day and I can promise your whole entire style statement will benefit from them.

- This is indeed a fact.  If you don't own a pair, run to target and get a pair for 29.99.  RIGHT NOW.

18) No matter how tech savvy we get, there is a need to say things to a person's face. Please, for the love of lovelier things, have the courage to call someone up and verbalize your thoughts or meet for a coffee. Breaking a heart is hard stuff, stopping a relationship is never fun, but there will never be anything as loud as this statement: You are worth my words. You are worth my presence. You are worth, and will always be worth, more than just letters on a screen and a broken heart jammed in the crooks of an overflowing inbox. Face to face connections are fading faster, please don't let them get away...   

- I've always followed this mantra, I can't say I've gotten the same. But hey, Karma is karma.  

21) Regret is a real thing. It's going to happen. It's going to come clomp-clomp-clomping into your life at some point. Don't hold onto things forever but learn from them and let the past go. The past will be a dictator if you let her.

- Don't focus or dwell too much on the past and that which you regret.  Learn. Change. Grow. Do better.  That's what life is about. 

Well and that's it, I just wanted to add on to the amazing words of Hannah Brencher, and if you happen to be going through a heart break, I would say this post below is a good.  

And smile.  Because literally there is ALWAYS something wondnerful about to happen.