I was perusing the lovely Style Me Swanky blog and saw this gorgeous number and decided it would be my birthday dress!  The birthday is approaching, and although it is a number that far to close to thirty, I am grateful for the many experiences I've had thus far in my life, and people I've come to meet.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my twenties and want to soak up every last minute.  Nashville has been so kind to me and I cannot wait to spend a Friday evening with the people I love.

How should I accessorize?  I was thinking some bold earrings would be perfect and wearing the hair up.  I going to see my favorite stylist, beauty consultant, and health and vitamin extraordinare, Jana Hilton at Shine Salon.  She, and the salon are the absolute best.  She just knows how to create a beautiful, natural look - and layers my hair perfectly.   They also always have a soda pop, or glass vino ready and waiting for you.  


  1. I love that dress! I think big earrings, maybe some bracelets and you're good to go.

  2. Gorgeous dress! I think a chunky stone bracelet and some earrings would be great. Or a statement necklace (Like big green stones set in gold or something?)

  3. I know she was selling it. Did you buy directly from her?

  4. ooooh, I love this!! Do something colorful to balance out the white, maybe? And, your salon sounds awesome! I wish my local salon did the drinks and things; it always makes you feel so posh!


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