ADVICEness on Miami VICEness. . .

The eighties were. totally. gnarly! okay, so Relay For Life is approaching and my team and I....we need a good theme for the overall "Don't Stop Believin in a Cure For Cancer." The event itself is also overall, just 80's themed.  We need a specific theme, because hello, we have to win the best dressed contest!!!!!! Do you all have any ideas? I've been considering a Miami Vice theme...

you can't go wrong with cool cops and a hot show. or blazars.

or handcuffs..
of course I have a CD already made with eighties perfect jams. and you bet this one is on there.........LOVE. ideas needed ladies.


Insert Face Plant.

I always had the wrong perception about yoga.  While it IS about breathing exercises, discipline, focus, and calming the mind and body.  It is also a very very intense workout and is meant for building strength.  At least in my hot yoga class it is.  I've been to those classes...about becoming one with the earth - and they are NOT for me.  I get it.  I think meditation is important and interesting, but I need that in conjunction with something ELSE. something more challenging for my body. 

I made my return to my hot speedball power yoga class last night.  The entire class I seriously kept wondering..."is it time for lying like a corpse yet?" Familiar? No? See here.  The instructor likes to switch it up from time to time, and tonight was definitely more intense than any normal class.  I've never really been that great at holding my Crow pose for that long, but I've done it once!!

{not as easy as it looks!!}

So last night. I had it perfect, I was holding my Crow pose and my instructor, even said "Great Job, Chelsea!" Yahhhhhhh insert cheering crowd in my head.  

And then I immediately plummeted.  Of course I plummeted the direction I was looking, which was face down. Luckily, my teeth are in tact. And I didn't break my nose, but it definitely has felt better.   

I love this class and am hesitant to give away where its at, sometimes it gets full.  Last night there were about 6 people and I like those classes best. 

Some for WARNINGS about hot yoga {if you haven't been}.  Be sure you are fully hydrated. This is very important! Also, make sure you bring your own towel, yoga mat and LARGE water.  They provide yoga mats usually {but you sweat ALOT!} Trust me, you do NOT want to use a community yoga mat for hot yoga! And last, if you do not like hot places or do not like to work up a sweat, you will probably not like hot yoga. Also, in some instances, I've seen people get sick in my class. Apparently, it is common for people to throw up their first time. 

With that said, I LOVE this class! I feel very tone and can totally see a difference in my arms and tummy and legs after only a few sessions.  


Outfit Science.

A cute outfit {total outfit} divided by the amount of wears = total cost

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this. 

cute dress via H&M ($35)

Shoes I really want{$440}...

Plan to wear it at least 8 times.... TOTAL COST = $59.38

Soooo...the sandals are a steal, right?!


Crisco. There are some things you just can't fancy up!

I am literally pages away from finishing The Help, and I just don't want to finish it.... it's finally gotten sooooo GOOD. And I just don't want it to be over. 

I am finally in the guts of the book and find myself laughing, or jaw dropped open or my eyes all teary.  I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that I am enjoying the overall message from the book - that we are all just people.  the same.  and not much separates us, unless we make those lines. 

Some of my favorite quotes from the book in no particular order: 

We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I'd thought.

All I'm saying is, kindness don't have no boundaries.

She's wearing a tight red sweater and a red skirt and enough makeup to scare a hooker.

I used to believe in em (lines). I don't anymore. They in our heads. Lines between black and white ain't there neither. Some folks just made those up, long time ago. And that go for the white trash and the so-ciety ladies too.

That's the way prayer do. It's like electricity, it keeps things going.

I LOVE inside jokes more than Paula Deen.  So that is quite a bit.  One of my favorite memories in the book is the inside joke between Aibleen (one of the maids) and her son Treelore (an educated black male, law student).  They liked to play word games.  Aibleen would throw out a simple word and Treelore would try to fancy it up. Aibleen would say house cat and Treelore would say domesticated feline.  She'd say mixer and he'd say motorized rotunda. She said Crisco, and Treelore was stumped.  So from then on, Crisco kinda became Treelore's and Aibleen's little inside joke, "Crisco" meant something or someone you can't dress up, no matter how hard you try.  

Did you all read the Help? Did you enjoy? I feel like a lot more is yet to happen on my last few pages....  


Rolling in The Deep: Jesse St. James is Back.

Jesse St. James is back, gleeks!!

I was so disappointed when he broke Rachel's heart last season...ugh, but I couldn't be mad when he returned last night and sang this Adele number.  I have pretty much swooned over Jonathan Groff {Jesse St. James} since his role as Melchior Gabor in the musical Spring Awakening. . . 

{so handsome}

{spring awakening}

gotta love a guy that can sing to you. . .

What did you guys think about the prom episode? I loved this song, but I was overall disappointed. The music was good, but I think the story lines lacked depth. And Prom was fun for me....a million years ago when I went! I feel like that made it a negative experience for most of the gleeks. 



Words for The Week. . .

Work has been stressing me out.  Major. I love my job more than anything and that is why it likes to get to me some times. I am pretty critical of myself when it comes to my work. I have to remind myself of these things. . .

Have a good week lovies! Xx, 


Cancer Doesn't Sleep. . .

And neither will I on Friday, June 10th.  I am participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. The event has three parts. Celebrate {The Survivors Lap - an emotional part - where survivors are invited to walk the lap to celebrate their victory over cancer} Remember {we honor people who have been touched by cancer and remember loved ones lost to the disease during the Luminaria Ceremony. Candles are lit inside bags filled with sand, each one bearing the name of a person touched by cancer, and participants often walk a lap in silence} Fight Back {The last ceremony where everyone is invited to walk and fight back in this ongoing battle against cancer}. The event lasts through the night until 12:00 pm on Saturday and the goal is to have interchangeable team members walking the duration of the event.  There are raffles and fun events going all all NIGHT! 

I feel like almost everyone has been touched in some way by Cancer.  Cancer and I were first acquainted when my grandfather passed away when I was two.  Then later reacquainted when I was in the third grade and my mom was diagnosed with cancer. 

I remember my parents wouldn't tell me much, and by much - I mean anything. But I knew something was really wrong when they allowed me spend an entire week at my friend Samantha's house...they were school nights.  A week later, I visited my mom in the hospital and it was frightening seeing tubes up her nose and her lying there.  By this point, my father assured me everything was going to be okay and I trusted him. And she was. We were lucky.  Some families are not so lucky and their story doesn't end with a perfect bow tie and farewell to cancer.  And this is why I am passionate about this...because there has to be way to end cancer. For everyone.  For good. 

I remember Samantha had wall paper in her bedroom at the time with stars on it...and she told me to pick one and to pray to it, that it would definitely work.  She told me this is how she got things to happen for her when she really, really wanted something.  Guess that wallpaper had my lucky star :) 

Please help with the fight against cancer and the fight to make more birthdays! Any donation, even the smallest amount truly means a lot to me, every dollar counts! You can also light a luminaria in honor, in memory of, or in support of someone special to you that has battled or is battling cancer. Please click the photo or here to donate 

Don't Stop Believing in a Cure for Cancer {This is the Theme for our event) 

and you better count on us wearing some of these}



Listen to The Sounds...It's Something Only God Knows. . .

Just a song I'm loving. . . ohhh and guess what?!

It's DERBY DAY! In Kentucky!!

Now go whip up a mint julep. Find a recipe tutorial here, from The Beaumont Inn



Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?

Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, "Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?"

I am halfway through Kathryn Stockett's, The Help.  I found this quote in the beginning and it resonated with me. And if you haven't had a chance to pick this book up, I recommend it.  It took me several chapters to really get into this book. . . but I'm finding myself getting excited reading before I go to sleep, and staying up late to read just a little more. . . Can't wait to see how the movie portrays it too...

Anyone have any good reads lately? After this I am borrowing Same Kind of Different As Me from a colleague, but I'm always in the Market for a good read. Xx,