ADVICEness on Miami VICEness. . .

The eighties were. totally. gnarly! okay, so Relay For Life is approaching and my team and I....we need a good theme for the overall "Don't Stop Believin in a Cure For Cancer." The event itself is also overall, just 80's themed.  We need a specific theme, because hello, we have to win the best dressed contest!!!!!! Do you all have any ideas? I've been considering a Miami Vice theme...

you can't go wrong with cool cops and a hot show. or blazars.

or handcuffs..
of course I have a CD already made with eighties perfect jams. and you bet this one is on there.........LOVE. ideas needed ladies.

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  1. Absolutely go Miami Vice! Ray Bans, white blazer and a neon pink mini dress... and you're looking gooood! : ) Sounds like fun!


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