Insert Face Plant.

I always had the wrong perception about yoga.  While it IS about breathing exercises, discipline, focus, and calming the mind and body.  It is also a very very intense workout and is meant for building strength.  At least in my hot yoga class it is.  I've been to those classes...about becoming one with the earth - and they are NOT for me.  I get it.  I think meditation is important and interesting, but I need that in conjunction with something ELSE. something more challenging for my body. 

I made my return to my hot speedball power yoga class last night.  The entire class I seriously kept wondering..."is it time for lying like a corpse yet?" Familiar? No? See here.  The instructor likes to switch it up from time to time, and tonight was definitely more intense than any normal class.  I've never really been that great at holding my Crow pose for that long, but I've done it once!!

{not as easy as it looks!!}

So last night. I had it perfect, I was holding my Crow pose and my instructor, even said "Great Job, Chelsea!" Yahhhhhhh insert cheering crowd in my head.  

And then I immediately plummeted.  Of course I plummeted the direction I was looking, which was face down. Luckily, my teeth are in tact. And I didn't break my nose, but it definitely has felt better.   

I love this class and am hesitant to give away where its at, sometimes it gets full.  Last night there were about 6 people and I like those classes best. 

Some for WARNINGS about hot yoga {if you haven't been}.  Be sure you are fully hydrated. This is very important! Also, make sure you bring your own towel, yoga mat and LARGE water.  They provide yoga mats usually {but you sweat ALOT!} Trust me, you do NOT want to use a community yoga mat for hot yoga! And last, if you do not like hot places or do not like to work up a sweat, you will probably not like hot yoga. Also, in some instances, I've seen people get sick in my class. Apparently, it is common for people to throw up their first time. 

With that said, I LOVE this class! I feel very tone and can totally see a difference in my arms and tummy and legs after only a few sessions.  

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