Lying like a Corpse

I’ve been on a hot yoga kick recently.  I’m not sure why I go back each time, because right before the end of every session I tell myself I’m never putting myself through this again.  But then I get to the lying like a corpse pose.  If you’re Catholic, it’s just like that point in mass when you know you’ve kneeled  for the 398434903th time and the priest says “Peace be With You” que “And also with you” Begin greeting your neighbors (one of my favorite parts of mass) Ahhh, the Priests sums up mass and it is over.  
And afterwards you feel so much better, renewed, you’ve learned a new perspective and it was totally worth going.  Lying like a Corpse.  It’s that point in hot yoga when I feel that I’m about to have a heat stroke, then he says it.  Ly on your matt.   I literally want to scream: WooHoo. But, I calmly re-arrange into Corpse mode.  There are a few, simple poses that follow this but they all include lying on your matt.  And after the session I take my towel, my empty water bottle and my a little pride.  And last night girls, I took a lot of pride.  1st class, I was yelled at nearly every position.  Katherine contends that he just remembered my name.  A few classes down the road and I was only called out 3 times. Three! Woot.  Last week, I was only told to improve one time.  And last night, I was told Good job Chelsea a whopping 3 times. No call-outs.  I am so proud today.   Also a shout out to Brittany’s step-sis Danielle- she did amazing last night and I noticed that the instructor complimented her already on her very first class! WooHoo! 


  1. I admit it. I'm scared of yoga. Like...terrified scared. A 2x4 has more flexibility than I do and I can't even touch my toes. Oh the shame!
    So I say good for you for going at all...and even better that you keep going back. I'm so proud of you! :)

  2. Where do you do hot yoga?? It's something I've been interested in for a LONG TIME...but if I got yelled at!? I'd probably be mad, but mostly embarrassed. I don't think I could go back. You've got cajones, good for you :)


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