Something to Look Forward to...

Ladies. Or to my bestest friends that at least will read this post for me:)   I am a spring kind of girl.  And this snow is not helping my Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Okay, I admit I AM thankful that the sun is absolutely beaming this morning and the snow is that of a light and fluffy texture, it is beautiful.  But I have been ready for spring since December.  Once we’ve had two good snows, I’ve had my fill of playing in it. I’m done.  Last week I almost cried scraping the ice off my car.  And I was even wearing my fancy gloves my boss gave me.  Winter and I used to be friends when cancelations and delays co-existed. 

Which bring me to this. I cannot wait to wear this. Thank you J.Crew for giving me something to look forward to.   Spring, you cannot come soon enough.  

I am also very much looking forward to Spring Keeneland.  I’ll only get to spend one weekend at Keeneland this spring as I’ve transformed several work trips into weekend vacations.  You can find me spending my weekends in Dallas, Los Angeles and Phoenix during one of my favorite Months. And returning just in time for The Derby.  So until these nasty days pass us by, I leave you with this…

Oh and Hot Powerball Yoga  Oops! I meant Hot Speedball Power Yoga tonight...! Here's to hoping I don't get called out at all. I was only yelled at once last class. Go me!!



  1. ha! when i saw that j.crew outfit i thought "that is so cute! chelsea should wear that" lol not kidding!

  2. That outfit had me at the page turn!!! I LOVE it!!! Hopefully this means J Crew is back to regularly scheduled programming and not the crap of last year.


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