Jade? Alexander...

I was introduced to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros this summer.  Then became reacquainted with them again in the fall.   This past fall I met someone that introduced me to the beauty of music and their passion for of all different types of music...I like people that are passionate about music and enjoy introducing other people to it also. They are so much better when they sing live, but stay tuned to this. I love when Sharpe talks to Jade in this version and Jade's voice is simply incredible... :)


PS: if you take the time to watch and listen you should know Jade and Alexander (aka Edward Sharpe) are madly in love in real life.  SO adorable. 

Here are some friends and I impersonating the 'Zeros this summer in Santa Monica, please see lil Minnie to the left joining in on the fun..such a trooper:) 

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