Vienna Waits for You.

I don’t like introductions, or short bios.  Hopefully you can come to learn who I am as you read my blog.  I can’t even watch the first episode of the bachelor because it’s so awkward.  I also really really dislike small talk.. so now you know 3 things about me. That was not so bad. Here is one thing I do like.  I simply love this song [Vienna].  I listen to this when I need to be reminded to decelerate.  Sometimes I get in such a rush with work, with life, the process. That I need to remember to slow down. I love the lyric “slow down you crazy child, you’re so ambitious for a juvenile.” “Slow down, you’re doing fine; you can’t be everything you want to be before your time.”If you know me.  You know I worry. A lot.  And about… most everything. 
 I never strive to be perfect; even I know that’s just impractical. But there are so many qualities I want to have and there are many things I aspire to do, and I start to feel like I’ve expired, my time is up.   That small sand timer is getting emptier and emptier by the moment and I’m getting old.  I haven’t even begun to make a small dent on my bucket list. Some days I just think I’ll never get to do everything I want to do. ..And this song reminds that Vienna waits for you.  My travels, my goals,  my soul mate.... everything that I DREAM of doing is waiting on me across that bridge, across the way and it knows I’m coming.  By no means am I putting off all the things I want..I am working toward that, and it gives me hope that all of it will come to me in time, as I move forward.  It’s waiting patiently for me to get there.   I’ve heard this song has a different meaning, but this is what it means to me. Isn’t that the beauty of music?  Another song that brings me peace is Nantes by Beirut. 

Funny they’re both about places.


  1. That cartoon? Totally describes how I'm feeling! I've never heard the song, will have to listen to it in a bit...but I can definitely relate to the feelings! Ugh, type A!

  2. ahhh vienna is hands down my favorite song. i have a strong attachment to that song... :) love your blog, keep it up! xo




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