Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This. . .

my car broke down.  in the drive thru line at long john silvers. it was hilarious. and mortifying.  i just put a brand new battery in lil betty the second earlier this year. and she's good on oil until march and was full of gas too! i'm car shopping next weekend. which is halting a chicago trip i had been planning and thus preventing me from seeing million dollar quartet. i was so excited.

i've had a lot of car trouble these past 2 years between betty and betty the second.  i need betty III to be more reliable.  maybe she needs a new, luckier name too. 

i'm in the market for a pre-owned SUV. and if yall have any recommendations, please do tell me. LUCKILY, i am borrowing my roomie's stephie's car for the next couple days until betty the second is outta the car hospital.  

tonight reminded me and made me realize HOW kind people are.  the customers and the people working were all about helping me to jump it, tow it, or move it out of the way.  And it reminded me of a topic of conversation and the title of my blog.  Meant to be Happy.  I believe that people are truly meant to be happy throughout life {duh!} but i also believe that people are innately good at heart.  sometimes, things happen and i question that, but tonight reminded me of this.  complete strangers wanted to help me with my car situation for no reason at all.

i'm also glad betty the second broke down on me. i take that back. i'm not glad, but i'm proud of myself.  i used to get SO stressed out when things like this happened to me.  and tonight.  i just laughed. oh life, i am finally learning how to handle you! i might feel differently when i get betty II's hospital bill.

i found these life instructions a while back and love them. i look at it from time to time to remind of what's important. and how to compose myself. 


Be Green With Envy.......

Be green with envy girls! Congrats to K.Keller @ Keller Creative who has won the Peony Clutch! Ms. Keller, your email comes up as this: noreply-comment@blogger.com :( Please send me your email address so I can get your information and get this lovely clutch on its way to you!

Big ThankYou.com to Random.org, eclu and you ALL for entering and stopping by! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, I loved getting every. single. one! I won a painting from The Company She Keeps and Lola's Journey To and From and it possessed me to create my own little give-a-way! Who knows maybe she will pay it forward! 



2 Things

1. I have this sitting beneath me {Except mine is Kentucky BLUE...C'mon DORON!} It's purpose is to  increase balance and stability while improving posture. And holy moly are my abs sore after I leave the office. This is the equivalent to sitting one of those ball thingys but it doesn't look quite as ridiculous.  I am guilty of bringing one of those into the office last year. 

2. I don't buy mascara, with Sephora bonuses and Bobbi Brown offers, it's enough to keep me going! I recently got this for free from Sephora and it's amazing.  Usually I go with Maybelline products if I do buy.  But if/when I run out of this stuff I might have to invest.  This gives my lashes volume and does the exact opposite of making them clumpy - they are each separate, smooth and very battable...


The Next To Be With You. . .

It's an understatement to say that I've been buried at work.  It just seems like I keep getting parts of projects done, or once I get one thing checked off my list, I find something else I need to do.  I guess that's life. But sometimes I feel like I could be there all night.  I love my dad and his wisdom and sometimes I need to remember the work will always be there.  I desperately need a clutter fairy to come and work some magic for me...it's been like this since last week! I seriously can't stand when I have piles of paper on my desk.

BUT, I am so excited to find out the winner of the Peony Clutch on Thursday!  It came in the mail and I am loving it!

Off subject:  I met up with some of my high school girlfriends this weekend for a bachelorette planning party {really-just-an-excuse-to-get-together}.  It was about 2 and a half hour drive and the parkway makes me almost fall asleep and while on the way down the sun was setting and I hear this jam by Mr. Big. It was perfect! Do you ever just forget about those songs you LOVE to belt out. I certainly do and it made my night. 

you must click on the YouTube link...it wouldn't let me embed, but the video and long hair is worth 3 minutes and 26 seconds of your life :) I mean it I cannot get over and am digging the long hair. haha! 

What are some of your favorite songs to sing to yourself in your car or while getting ready? I seriously need to update my iPod! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 


Sandy Beach, Dutch Tulip and Mike's Hard Lemonade?

I'm ready for the beach. I have a few trips to look forward to in spring and summer.  And I can't stand for my nails to ever be naked.  I just found Sandy Beach by Essie and am loving it.  It's light, but not too light - just perfect.  I love trying and finding fun polishes.  But I'm a simplistic gal, so I never do anything too crazy.

I can't get enough of OPI's dutch tulip.  This is my all time absolute favorite nail polish color since my sophomore year in college. 

I found this because of the name {see!!} really looks like a dutch tulip. I love tulips.

Also, I've recently went back to using Biolage shampoo and conditioner.  I've gotten the Brazilian Blowout twice now and if you have curly hair. I recommend it.  It's a smoothing treatment, NOT straightening and it has done wonders to my hair.  It's a keratin treatment.  There have been questions as to whether the chemicals are harmful, but OSHA has ruled it safe. Phew.  Side note: my eyes DO tear up during the process and I DO wear a mask during it just in case, hehe. There was quite the debate last time I got my hair done at the salon and this southern lil lady said "Oh hell, I'd rather die with a tan, good hair, a cocktail in hand and have a drag from time to time." hahah.  ANYWAY back to my point, I used Brazilian Blowout's products and the smoothing cream is amazing, but the shampoo and conditioner didn't do it for me. And they smell like Mike Hard's Lemonade.  It's best to use a sulfate free shampoo with this treatment, but I just haven't found one that I love. 

What's your alls favorite polishes? What are your favorite shampoo and conditioners? I could use some recommendations! 

Don't forget to enter to win this Peony Clutch {click on the photo. Wednesday is your last day to enter.}



Why I Blog. . .

Because you never know who might read and how someone might connect to what you say.


It is a somewhat odd feeling, the butterflies you get in your tummy before pressing publish post when something is personal and real to you.  It took several people to push and encourage me to start writing. It took those same people to encourage to write about things important to me.  I worry a lot about what people think, so I was very hesitant about starting to blog in general.  But I've always loved to write!  And sometimes you just have to be true to yourself and do what makes you happy. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Don't forget about my giveaway HERE!  


Steady Feet Don't Fail Me Now

If you follow me on twitter or facebook then you may know that I was just given my very own project at my new company.  This is HUGE opportunity, that I am SO grateful for.  While watching Miss Oprah Winfrey, she mentioned once that it takes that one person to give you a chance.  And I truly feel I've been given that...FINALLY.  I am amidst planning a rather large symposium in Phoenix right now and couldn't be more excited or more stressed.  I think One Republic sums up how I'm feeling right now...  


Peony Clutch Give-a-way!

I am so ready for spring.  And sometimes you just need something to brighten your day! SO I paired up with eclu to do this lil give-away.  Jami of eclu {one of my favorite Etsy shops!} has not only graciously donated a GORGEOUS peony clutch! She created a special little clutch just for THIS give-away! She is so sweet.  I've ordered from her twice and have had nothing but a positive experience.  And with j.crew failing me here recently I was ecstatic to find her cute clutches.  

Meet the green peony clutch with a vintage peacock print interior! I LOVE it and want to keep it, but won't!  It is PERFECT with Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner! Or it would be perfect paired with a classy navy dress! I love navy and green together. 

1. Simply leave a comment.
2. Follow my blog! {if you already follow me! THANK YOU - just leave a comment}
3. If you Blog about it, this enters you for another chance, let me know in your comment! 
4. If you tweet about it, this enters you for another chance to win, just let me KNOW:)

You have until Wednesday, February 23rd to enter and the winner will be announced next Thursday! :) 

HAVE a wonderful Wednesday! Xx,    


Bless. Her. Heart. & The Mendoza Diagonal

Growing up in Kentucky.  Bless her heart became ingrained in my vocabulary at an early age.  Always an effortless addition to any one of my mom's exchanges at a Bunco party.  {BTW, I lived for these Bunco parties.  It was a night full of fantastic food, constant laughter and endless fun with all the ladies in town.}  I was a pre-destined to become a sorority girl, thanks to my pretty momma!  I lived for the nights that someone would call my mom to hand her the unfortunate news they were sick and unable to join in on the evening's festivities. If I answered the phone I would politely tell them I'm sorry to hear that and to feel better, but I was whole-heartedly giddy and rather happy to deliver the news.  Because that meant I was invited to Bunco night. I voluntarily exchanged my barbies over for a night to sit beside the ladies. I got my OWN seat at the table.  I got to roll the dice.  I got to win prizes.  I of course would just sit and sip on my glass of water while the ladies sipped on wine and spritzers, but I learned so much from these lovely ladies and copied them crossing my legs, finding my love for pearls and as they all gossiped about those women that couldn't make it, I couldn't help but feel compelled to listen

If you've come across my blog, maybe you're from the south or have stumbled upon it through some of my southern lil ladies.  So you are enlightened.  If not.  "Bless her heart" is sometimes said to have a kind intent.  You shouldn't believe this.  I suppose sometimes it can, like if you're complaining about your boss or your awful day and a friend comforts you by laughter and says "Aw, bless your heart."  But don't be naive.  Bless HER heart is simply a little "pardon" to say something not so nice about someone.  For example: "That girl would talk to a brick wall if it would talk back. Bless her heart."  Urban dictionary defines it as a phrase used by Southern women to excuse themselves for speaking ill of someone else. Case in point "She's as ugly as a mud-fence, bless her heart." 

It's the equivalent of the Italians, "No disrespect."  Sure you can talk bad about any of your "friends," but you must preface it with, "No disrespect."  {Please see the no disrespect mafia queen below. Love her

These are all equivalent to modern day: just sayin' {annoying!}  

When did we all come up with these phrases to excuse ourselves from feeling bad about gossip?  If you remember from here, my goal is to be less judgy and in order to continue with this,  I am extracting bless her heart from my vocab. Maybe I'll feel a little different without this little phrase. Do you all know any other phrases used by other groups? Just wondering. WISH ME LUCK. 

Bless my heart!  Xx, 

PS: I am hosting a give-a-way starting 2morrow. It may or may not be something in the post here and rhyme with....such. 

PPS: Phew.  Anyone else glad Brad finally came to his senses and said farewell to Michelle.  She fell a bit to the right of the Vickie Mendoza Diagonal.  Familiar? No? See below.


five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes

525,600 minutes. 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes.  How do you measure, measure a year? 
in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights
in cups of coffee
in inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife

How do YOU measure it? It is no lie I love Broadway musicals.  And I just love the story in RENT, and not to mention AH-mazing, uplifting music! I could write a book on all the reasons why I love this play.  Not to mention, the story behind the man who wrote it { makes me tear up } . But back to my question. How do you measure a year? I choose to measure it in...LOVE. If I measured this year in love, I'd say I'm a pretty lucky girl...I have an amazing family.  Real family.  Family that truly know me, support me and can always see eye to eye with me and bring me up when I am feeling my lowest of lows.  I have incredible friends, so many that I find it difficult to keep in constant contact, but the good thing is, with all of them...no matter how long it's been, we always pick right back up.  One friend I especially find this with is my friend Emily in Dallas....we hardly ever find time to talk on the phone, but when we see each other everything goes back to normal. And well,  Emily is the strongest girl I know, I could do an entire post on the strength and amazingness of this woman {but I'll save that for another day}.  So today I celebrate LOVE in general, not one specific relationship, but all of the amazing relationships in my life I have been blessed with and so lucky to not only find, but maintain.  And for the new friendships that I continue to find everyday through my new adventures, and along this blog too.  Whenever I see someone visit from another country or comment from another city or state I get so excited that someone, somewhere agrees or has something to say to something I posted.  I get so excited to hear positive encouragement too.  I think I about fell outta my chair when Miss Emmy Lou told me my blog was a must-read and that I had it.   

Happy Valentines Day. I hope you find your day surrounded by love and full of happiness:) Tonight I am 
treating myself to some chocolate covered grapes, hot yoga and cooking a huge dinner with two amazing friends of mine and a little phone date later:) 

ALSO - I have an exciting and FIRST give-a-way this week. You must wait for it.......but it is going to be Legennnnnnnn.......wait forrrrrr it.................... ;) 



Comeback with a Sandwich

Day 1 of my staycation and I am spending it at HOME with Murphy {he loves my rainbow sandals. doesn't chew them. just carries them around all day.}

I also get to eat mom and dad's home cookin and of course lunch at a deli I'll call.......M's, I wish we had a place half as good as M's...their TBS (Turkey Bacon Swiss Croissant) is indescribable.  They are amazing and know it, they are only open on weekdays and from 11am-2pm, which makes it hard for a working girl to get to them. OH and they're closed over every holiday I'm home.  Speaking of sandwiches, it reminded me this a friend shared and gave me a good chuckle.... 

Enjoy the week girls! Xx, 


Eau de Parfum. . .

I am usually a creature of habit. And when it comes to perfumes, I stick to one.  When I invest in something, I commit to it.  So it's easy to say, I've only had 3 perfumes apart of my life thus far.  My first perfume love :) was Bvlgari Au Le Blanc.  It was the perfect interwine-ment of citruses, rosey florals with a tiny dash of vanilla..it's perfect for summer, but I wore it year-round anyway. 

My second perfume that I adored was Burberry Summer.  I wore this every day for an entire summer and even to this day, when I smell it, it brings back such wonderful memories! I can't really explain this one, it's very light and fruity but at the same time has that Burberry musk. Again, can't really explain it.  My sweet friend Lauren even brought me some back that summer from her vacation when Macy's quit selling it.
Then, I met THE ONE. . . :) 
Marc Jacobs. Daisy.  Every time I wear it I feel refreshed.  Found it 2 years ago.  I've dabbled with Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.{which is like Daisy's almost as pretty identical twin} but nothing since compares.

So Today I am lovin and thanking Marc Jacobs.  For my perfum-mate :) I am quite content with Daisy..check out the cute new bottle for spring. I have been out for quite a while, might just got pick this up today. 

Also - Today is my Friday!! I am stay-cationing and couldn't be a happier girl.

What are you alls favorite perfumes?  Any recommendations?  Xx, 

Oh PS: GO CATS! This may or may not have been the most amazing week ever.  2 Glee's in one week and a CATS Win :) We definitely needed that! Shout out to my favorite player.... Dorooooooon Lamb! 


Monday, Monday . . .

Morning loves! Today I just felt like staying like this...

Just some things keeping me smiling through these blah rainy morning and days. . .



Weekending. . .

I am excited, I get to spend the weekend with these cool people. I think part of my obsession with How I Met Your Mother is that I relate it so much to my friends.  I think we are just like the cast, only better. .  

I love them most of all because we laugh. a little too much sometimes. 

And we've all been through a lot together.  And they're always there for me. and vice versa. I think it's great when you have one person like this in your life, let alone an entire group.  I love all them.  Each of them are so unique and I don't know what I did before I met them. And well, I stole some photos below since 3 of my faves are missing from that photo... I also get to see Patney and Alaka this weekend.

Meet Patney (Patrick + Britney). They are hosting our Superbowl Party Sunday. 

And Alaka...hahah I had to add this because I love the TT shirt. I have been tweeting him for a solid 6 months and no tweet backs :(

I'll be cooking up a Paula Deen inspired dish for our Superbowl Par-tay.  My obsession with The Lady is unhealthy, but I just love her heart. And story.  If you haven't read her book It Ain't All About The Cooking, you should.  So what if I'm an 80 year old woman in a 20 something body. 

What are your alls weekend plans? Who ya cheering for?  I will be rooting for the STEELERS. Woot woot. 



the best coffee i ever had.

was in New York. at the most charming little Italian coffee place in Nolito..I think? it was close to Mulberry. 

It's Thursday, so in memory of college Thursday nights {RIP COLLEGE}. I'm leaving you with some of my lovas and my favorite karaoke jams {what's up Avio!} we miss yee.