2 Things

1. I have this sitting beneath me {Except mine is Kentucky BLUE...C'mon DORON!} It's purpose is to  increase balance and stability while improving posture. And holy moly are my abs sore after I leave the office. This is the equivalent to sitting one of those ball thingys but it doesn't look quite as ridiculous.  I am guilty of bringing one of those into the office last year. 

2. I don't buy mascara, with Sephora bonuses and Bobbi Brown offers, it's enough to keep me going! I recently got this for free from Sephora and it's amazing.  Usually I go with Maybelline products if I do buy.  But if/when I run out of this stuff I might have to invest.  This gives my lashes volume and does the exact opposite of making them clumpy - they are each separate, smooth and very battable...


  1. I need that ballance/posture/ab workout thingy!!! I talk ALL the time abotu wanting to bring a ball in to the office but I'm afraid everyone will laugh/point/make fun of me. DO tell me where it's from so I can go there today as soon as I leave the office!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures when your entire day is spent behind a desk.
    I'm always looking for new mascara...I have crap for eyelashes. So far Chanel Inimitable is my favorite.

  2. That ball thing looks so cool...ill have to check that out!

  3. I don't buy mascara either! Or rarely use it! just for weekends....

  4. I love Lancome mascara! I started using it when I was a freshman in college thanks to freebies from my mom and grandmother. It's the best! I can pretty much survive on freebies but when I have to buy- it's my go to!


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