The Next To Be With You. . .

It's an understatement to say that I've been buried at work.  It just seems like I keep getting parts of projects done, or once I get one thing checked off my list, I find something else I need to do.  I guess that's life. But sometimes I feel like I could be there all night.  I love my dad and his wisdom and sometimes I need to remember the work will always be there.  I desperately need a clutter fairy to come and work some magic for me...it's been like this since last week! I seriously can't stand when I have piles of paper on my desk.

BUT, I am so excited to find out the winner of the Peony Clutch on Thursday!  It came in the mail and I am loving it!

Off subject:  I met up with some of my high school girlfriends this weekend for a bachelorette planning party {really-just-an-excuse-to-get-together}.  It was about 2 and a half hour drive and the parkway makes me almost fall asleep and while on the way down the sun was setting and I hear this jam by Mr. Big. It was perfect! Do you ever just forget about those songs you LOVE to belt out. I certainly do and it made my night. 

you must click on the YouTube link...it wouldn't let me embed, but the video and long hair is worth 3 minutes and 26 seconds of your life :) I mean it I cannot get over and am digging the long hair. haha! 

What are some of your favorite songs to sing to yourself in your car or while getting ready? I seriously need to update my iPod! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 


  1. Oh yes. Great song selection. The long hair. The vests. The clapping. The tambourine. What's not to love about that video?

    You mentioned driving on the parkway--Bluegrass Parkway, by chance? That is the most boring drive ever. I hate driving it alone. I definitely have to have my iPod ready with good music.

  2. Rando story you could probably care less about? That's right, I'm about to tell one.

    This song always, always, ALWAYS makes me think of Mr. D. When we first met I had this song on a mix cd in my car and it seemed like everytime I was going to see Mr. D or we had just finished hanging out together...I'd get in my car and this song would come on. What can I say? It spoke to me. Here we are all these years later. Oh yea...and Mr. D had looooong hair at that point in his life. Hah. Like long enough to french braid. Ahhhh, memories.
    To this day that song always makes me think of Mr. D and our college days. Cruising around Gainesville with butterflies. :)


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