Sandy Beach, Dutch Tulip and Mike's Hard Lemonade?

I'm ready for the beach. I have a few trips to look forward to in spring and summer.  And I can't stand for my nails to ever be naked.  I just found Sandy Beach by Essie and am loving it.  It's light, but not too light - just perfect.  I love trying and finding fun polishes.  But I'm a simplistic gal, so I never do anything too crazy.

I can't get enough of OPI's dutch tulip.  This is my all time absolute favorite nail polish color since my sophomore year in college. 

I found this because of the name {see!!} really looks like a dutch tulip. I love tulips.

Also, I've recently went back to using Biolage shampoo and conditioner.  I've gotten the Brazilian Blowout twice now and if you have curly hair. I recommend it.  It's a smoothing treatment, NOT straightening and it has done wonders to my hair.  It's a keratin treatment.  There have been questions as to whether the chemicals are harmful, but OSHA has ruled it safe. Phew.  Side note: my eyes DO tear up during the process and I DO wear a mask during it just in case, hehe. There was quite the debate last time I got my hair done at the salon and this southern lil lady said "Oh hell, I'd rather die with a tan, good hair, a cocktail in hand and have a drag from time to time." hahah.  ANYWAY back to my point, I used Brazilian Blowout's products and the smoothing cream is amazing, but the shampoo and conditioner didn't do it for me. And they smell like Mike Hard's Lemonade.  It's best to use a sulfate free shampoo with this treatment, but I just haven't found one that I love. 

What's your alls favorite polishes? What are your favorite shampoo and conditioners? I could use some recommendations! 

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  1. I'm really excited to check out Katy Perry's nail polish line from OPI. It looks super cute. Love OPI's dutch tulip!

  2. I love dutch tulip as well! I always keep that and cajun shrimp on hand. But, i love the neutral "sandy beaches." I've never heard of a brazilian blow out--where do you get that done locally?


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