NYE Inspiration.

Here is a little of what I'm planning on wearing/ looking like ringing in the New Year! I think it's very important to look your best. Got to start off the new year on the right foot.

Hair and make-up inspiration

Outfit Inspirations

I leave you with one of my favorite movie endings on NYE :) 




Merry Christmas loves and a Friend's engagement!

Merry Christmas Friends! I hope this year has been good to you! I joined the blogging world this year and what fun it has been and I feel like I've only dipped my toes in the water. I've loved finding your alls blogs. And learning and relating or finding someone that I'm completely different from and seeing little tid bits of your lives. Thanks for being so inspiring to me! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A friend of mine just got engaged to the man of her dreams!! I am so excited to be apart of their wedding next year so I wanted to share some of MY personal favorite wedding and engagement photos...


IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhh it came!!!!!!!!!!

not even 24 hours since I received my Island Itinerary from Tina, my passport arrived in the mail. 

I'm so PUMPED! and we have a Captain. Captain Rick. How legit is this trip?

I never go on trips like this.  so to say I'm ecstatic would be an understatement of the century. 

Sooo here are some things I've been dreaming about that Im considering "investing" in:) click on the photo if you like or want to invest as well.

The J.Crew Factory Straw Tote.

The littleminnowdesigns Infinity Scarf on etsy.


What I've been up to Wednesday. . .

So I'm officially unpacked, ALMOST settled and am working in a beautiful, new and more professional office.  My old office was wonderful, but it was more homey and cozy.  It's nice to be working in a professional, new and modern environment.  

Things are winding down...event planning for medical type events is almost non-existent during the holidays. I pretty much unpacked all my personal items plus our entire work room yesterday. So on my lunch yesterday I grabbed a sandwich and also had to grab. this. after seeing about it on Megan's blog post here

girls. meet the Caramel Brulée Latte.  It consists of fresh Starbucks espresso, steamed milk, creamy rich caramel sauce, and whipped cream with caramel topping. Um yes my mouth is watering as I typed that.  It was amazing.  I usually go with the Skinny Tall White Mocha No Whip. But I just had to splurge.  I was literally drained from unpacking those heavy boxes. And the Barista scored major points spelling my name accurately :) I think I like my new side of town so far:)   

I fought awful traffic home. 45 minutes :*( and had to fight off some mad, idiot drivers.  Yes. I understand you came all the way to Lexington to do your Christmas shopping LAST MINUTE. but that is no excuse to drive like a jerk. I also had to ship some presents to some clients, so I was posted up UPS for a good minute. 

Then I made this....

Sometimes {maybe all times because, I don't like really following directions alwaysI get random urges to make up a recipe.  A few weeks ago I got this Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing for free from WHOLE FOODS.  So I made a Raspberry Vinaigrette glazed pork tenderloin topped with fresh spinach and feta.  It turned out perfect!!   


Dear 16 Year Old Me. . .

Perfect Christmas & NYE Dresses.

For my Christmas party I need this dress.

For New Years, I need this dress. 

Sooo can someone make those price tags disappear? The dresses are nice, but I almost choked on my sweet tart when I saw the prices!

last year for New Years, I had the perfect French Connection dress.

It just fit like a charm and was so much fun to wear something sparkly.  I've promised to wear something with a little glitz ever since for NYE.  I also got it on SALE for the perfect price. So you can see why I am being a little picky.

If you girls have seen any pretty NYE dress or outfit steals, please let me know...or if you have any old NYE dresses just collecting dust. message me! This dress is in my closet, but I'm just to stubborn to give it away.  If you're interested tho I might just sell it.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!


another Anthropologie needs me.

oh I can see ya smilin, standin on your own island . . .

in this Anthropologie Vermillion Reflections dress....


Christmas Gift Guide, Travelers Edition

I loves scarves. They're so versatile in any weather and perfect for traveling from cool to warm climates. Available via Etsy

I'll be traveling in Feb, I wouldn't mind getting this Tory Burch 'Robinson' Patent Saffiano Passport Holder. Can be found with free shipping via Nordstroms

While on vacation and traveling the seas, I do dedicate a few nights to dressing up and getting prettied up. But for the most part vacation is all about dressing down and going sans makeup. This tunic would be perfect for a casual night with good friends. Shop Victoria's Secret for the perfect beach dresses

I have both pairs of these. And I love them each. I wear them interchangeably depending upon my mood. They're perfect for sailing the ocean on a yacht. or laying on a beach.  or cruising country roads on a perfect day. There is something to be said for Ray Ban, they're so classic and effortless and versatile. Find here.  

Saturday Six {Gift Guide Edition}

1. ) cooking classes at Wild Thyme. classes range from $35 to $75. Lexington's first {and only} culinary boutique! A few friends and I are planning on heading here soon. Not only do you get the demonstration, to learn and cook, but you also get to sip on some wine and enjoy a unique night with friends or that special someone. They also have classes for couples and newly weds.

2.) A subscription to Food & Wine magazine. It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long. And that special someone will think of you every time they receive it in the mail.  I also wouldn't mind a subscription to Cooking Light or Real Simple... Have you noticed the quotes on the side of Real Simple? I just love them...I have a friend that keeps her stack in the bathroom and they're always entertaining to read...while...


3.) I dunno about you all, but Williams Sonoma is one of those stores I could spend hours and hundreds up hundreds of dollars in. I suggest this gift because it is slightly more awesome  than it is gross. The Stuffed Hamburger Press:)  Thanks Cup of Jo!  

Okay okay, I get it!!!!!!!! Want something for someone outside the kitchen remember in Father of The Bride when Annie cries because Brian got her a toaster? Women can want things outside the kitchen boys!....some do, I guess. 

4.) The Kate Spade iPhone 4 Case....because who doesn't love a little sparkle?

5.) This cashmere blouse from J.Crew...because cashmere makes everything better...why not throw in the city mini skirt as well?? 

6.) Annd last but not least, throw in something special and funny for that special someone.  I have someone on my list who inside joke with me is "grab somebody sexy and tell em hey." so you can bet I will be throwing this into their gift. Make it personal peeps :) 

 .... Coming soon I will have a special give-a-way and a Review on the HANA 1" Flat Iron...can't wait to share deets on this!


KRIS CROSS LOVE: Friends With Benefits.

sooooo if you guys haven't checked out my lil friend Mila and Justin's movie out on DVD I recommend. it's a cute romantic comedy, with a couple unexpected turns, and as always a good moral...to what could possibly be not the best idea ever.. fWb..

rain no more and a good song.

i am happy to report the rain here is slowly coming to a halt. and a sunny day promised tomorrow. . . 

A Hard Year from Tony Gaddis on Vimeo.


the many faces of Coach Cal {and players!}

I just love the faces our Kentucky guys make when they are HYPED UP............

all the while....Coach is one the side like this...

God love him.

soooo mad.

completely irriated. 

I have freshman that don't listen to me face.

But isn't it so sweet when they make him happy. He has changed our program and I love that he loves the kids SO much.

Gooooooooooooo CATS! BEAT North Carolina!!!!!!!!!!