Perfect Christmas & NYE Dresses.

For my Christmas party I need this dress.

For New Years, I need this dress. 

Sooo can someone make those price tags disappear? The dresses are nice, but I almost choked on my sweet tart when I saw the prices!

last year for New Years, I had the perfect French Connection dress.

It just fit like a charm and was so much fun to wear something sparkly.  I've promised to wear something with a little glitz ever since for NYE.  I also got it on SALE for the perfect price. So you can see why I am being a little picky.

If you girls have seen any pretty NYE dress or outfit steals, please let me know...or if you have any old NYE dresses just collecting dust. message me! This dress is in my closet, but I'm just to stubborn to give it away.  If you're interested tho I might just sell it.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!


  1. The price on that first dress--yowza! I'd have to wear it every single day for the rest of my life to justify that purchase.

    I love your dress that you wore last year. So pretty!

  2. Check with LuLus.com! I found one similar to the one you have on in the picture for NYE - it's gold sequin, short and has sleeves! I think that one was sold last I checked but they have sooo many other cute affordable glitzy dresses!


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