The Path is not Straight. . . .

I found this magnet in the airport and wanted to share.  I love it:) 

I'm off to lunch on a patio....I'm glad my one day in town will be spent under the sun. Then I'm on a hunt to find a cute luggage tote. A lady on my last flight had the most adorable Jon Hart luggage tote, but there aren't any left in the off white color I want. If any of you ladies have recommendation PLEASE share.  I need a tote that can carry my work lap top inside and purse.



So What Wednesday

I decided to dip my feet in the So What Wednesday water! Thanks to Chelsea at Hello Miss Chelsea. Her witt makes me smile and her taste and talent are beautiful! If you haven't seen her blog, stop by.

1. So What if my coffee looks like it could be chocolate milk. I like creamer...and sugar too. 

2. So What if my fake British accent is sad.  I am soooo excited about the Royal Wedding. Humor me.  

3. So What if I'm excited about my boss bumping me up to Silver Medallion status.  I will always think of her when I am called with Zone 2, instead of 3 ;)

4. So What if still watch and die laughing at America's Funniest Home Videos. It's good TV.  

PS: so WHAT if I like Jersey Shore...this image just made me laugh and reminded of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan...

"Every time someone says 'I do not believe in fairies' somewhere there's a fairy that falls down dead."


Effortlessness & Summer. . .

Just some things I want and images that make me wish it were summer already... 

These would look nice with my Anthropologie dress, from here.

Just plain want these Stella & Dot Jasmine Filigree Earrings. . .

Looking natural and sunkissed like Jennifer Anniston 

Staying in this Bungalow...


Wavy hair and effortlessness..


I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited. . .

I really dislike being a bandwagon fan. But I really like Adele. I really like this song. 


Messy Hair. J.Crew & BLOG SALE.

and the best way to do this is to wear J.Crew. and pretend i'm near a beach or some place sunny.

{I'm in the dark pewter}

and patent tapered strap flip flops {thanks Charlotte Russe}...

Thank goodness next week, I will be here. . . 

Can't wait to wake up to this 

and this.. 

Don't forget to check out my Blog Sale. Some items are temporarily reserved. Email me if you want a dress!.  Xx, 



French Connection Dress. United Kingdom Size 12/US Size 8. Taken in MAJOR. Fits hips like size 4/Chest 2. Beautiful dress. I love it and received a lot of compliments.  Will not take anything less than $125 plus shipping. 

AKIRA Royal Blue Dress. Small. Fits like an Xtra-Small. Never worn.

{No tags, I bought in Chicago and did not fit was too small, didn't have time to return}. $80 plus shipping 

Lilly Pulitzer Blue Dress.  Size 6, but taken in at the chest. Fits like a size 2/4. Worn once. Best Offer. 

The Limited Dress. Size 6. Fits like a 2/4. Worn once. Best Offer.  

Jcrew Dress. Size 2. Worn once. Best Offer. 

Cache Black Cocktail Dress. Size 8 {FITS LIKE A 4/6). Worn Once. Best Offer. 


Nine West. Size 2. Worn once.  Best Offer 

Banana Republic. Size 0. Worn once.  Fits like 2/4. Runs big and is Beautiful and very classic, Jacki O-esq. Best Offer. 


Ann Taylor Loft Beige Ruffle Dress. 6P. A bit large on me. Very cute and comfortable. Worn once. Bought from another blogger and worn once by them. Best Offer.

Please message me if you are interested. 

I think I'll have a blog sale...Stay Tuned...

I think I'll have a blog sale. . .

If I have time tonight, I am going to take photos of several dresses, either never worn or once worn that I need to part with: their origin ranges from small boutiques in Chicago to Ann Taylor Loft to J.Crew... can't promise I will have a lot, but they will be some favorites.
 Including this French Connection dress..



Things I'm Loving.

1. Africa - Toto {download it!} I just love this song.

2. Dr. Karev.  He may or may not have been at the Pre-Coachella party I was at, at The Standard last Wednesday.  I didn't chase him down though or even try to say hi - maybe I am growing up?
{Dr. Karev}

{The Standard}

3. My Anthropologie In The Abstract Dress, I just got in the mail. I'm beach ready. Is this dress blue or purple? I think I'm color blind...I thought it was blue... 

4. Sleeping with my window cracked at night.  I love the brisk cool wind that comes with spring! :) 

And, I'm so disappointed to report back that I didn't go skydiving Friday.  I had to get into the office to finish some work and my friend wasn't able to go either.  This will happen though and I promise to give you deets then.