Things I'm Loving.

1. Africa - Toto {download it!} I just love this song.

2. Dr. Karev.  He may or may not have been at the Pre-Coachella party I was at, at The Standard last Wednesday.  I didn't chase him down though or even try to say hi - maybe I am growing up?
{Dr. Karev}

{The Standard}

3. My Anthropologie In The Abstract Dress, I just got in the mail. I'm beach ready. Is this dress blue or purple? I think I'm color blind...I thought it was blue... 

4. Sleeping with my window cracked at night.  I love the brisk cool wind that comes with spring! :) 

And, I'm so disappointed to report back that I didn't go skydiving Friday.  I had to get into the office to finish some work and my friend wasn't able to go either.  This will happen though and I promise to give you deets then. 


  1. I cannot believe you did not corner Dr. Karev in a hot and steamy...corner. Oh wait. Did I just say that? Sorry...but seriously. Hot-nessssss! :)

  2. I don't think I've ever met anyone before who likes that song Africa, but I love it too! I cracked up when I saw that you put that on there :)

  3. You're more of a woman than I am. I would have chased him down & tried to jump him! wait... did I just say that outloud, whoopsies


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