Christmas Gift Guide, Travelers Edition

I loves scarves. They're so versatile in any weather and perfect for traveling from cool to warm climates. Available via Etsy

I'll be traveling in Feb, I wouldn't mind getting this Tory Burch 'Robinson' Patent Saffiano Passport Holder. Can be found with free shipping via Nordstroms

While on vacation and traveling the seas, I do dedicate a few nights to dressing up and getting prettied up. But for the most part vacation is all about dressing down and going sans makeup. This tunic would be perfect for a casual night with good friends. Shop Victoria's Secret for the perfect beach dresses

I have both pairs of these. And I love them each. I wear them interchangeably depending upon my mood. They're perfect for sailing the ocean on a yacht. or laying on a beach.  or cruising country roads on a perfect day. There is something to be said for Ray Ban, they're so classic and effortless and versatile. Find here.  

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