What I've been up to Wednesday. . .

So I'm officially unpacked, ALMOST settled and am working in a beautiful, new and more professional office.  My old office was wonderful, but it was more homey and cozy.  It's nice to be working in a professional, new and modern environment.  

Things are winding down...event planning for medical type events is almost non-existent during the holidays. I pretty much unpacked all my personal items plus our entire work room yesterday. So on my lunch yesterday I grabbed a sandwich and also had to grab. this. after seeing about it on Megan's blog post here

girls. meet the Caramel Brulée Latte.  It consists of fresh Starbucks espresso, steamed milk, creamy rich caramel sauce, and whipped cream with caramel topping. Um yes my mouth is watering as I typed that.  It was amazing.  I usually go with the Skinny Tall White Mocha No Whip. But I just had to splurge.  I was literally drained from unpacking those heavy boxes. And the Barista scored major points spelling my name accurately :) I think I like my new side of town so far:)   

I fought awful traffic home. 45 minutes :*( and had to fight off some mad, idiot drivers.  Yes. I understand you came all the way to Lexington to do your Christmas shopping LAST MINUTE. but that is no excuse to drive like a jerk. I also had to ship some presents to some clients, so I was posted up UPS for a good minute. 

Then I made this....

Sometimes {maybe all times because, I don't like really following directions alwaysI get random urges to make up a recipe.  A few weeks ago I got this Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing for free from WHOLE FOODS.  So I made a Raspberry Vinaigrette glazed pork tenderloin topped with fresh spinach and feta.  It turned out perfect!!   


  1. Your dinner looks YUMMMY!!!! I'm sorry your commute home sucks. Maybe it will get better after the holiday!

  2. Where is the new office? I can't place that picture...

  3. mmm, that drink sounds delicious! I will have to try that on my next visit to sbux! And I completely agree with the traffic right now, it's crazy right now!!!!

  4. That pork tenderloin looks absolutely delicious! Sorry your commute takes a while, but I hope you enjoy your new work space!

  5. Hmm I love the idea of having Starbucks add syrup to normal coffee, may have to try that!


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