Comeback with a Sandwich

Day 1 of my staycation and I am spending it at HOME with Murphy {he loves my rainbow sandals. doesn't chew them. just carries them around all day.}

I also get to eat mom and dad's home cookin and of course lunch at a deli I'll call.......M's, I wish we had a place half as good as M's...their TBS (Turkey Bacon Swiss Croissant) is indescribable.  They are amazing and know it, they are only open on weekdays and from 11am-2pm, which makes it hard for a working girl to get to them. OH and they're closed over every holiday I'm home.  Speaking of sandwiches, it reminded me this a friend shared and gave me a good chuckle.... 

Enjoy the week girls! Xx, 


  1. That picture of your dog is so funny. Mine would definitely chew up the sandal! I hope you're having a good staycation and eating all the delicious food you want :)

  2. Hope you're having fun. Also, I love Murph....I NEED to meet him!!!!!

  3. Thanks for following me =)
    And if you are talking about the deli that is on Main St. I went there for lunch the other day and had the TBS. Delicious! Let me know if you have any other good hometown places to eat...the only place Joey likes to go is Lees Famous Recipe!


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