Eau de Parfum. . .

I am usually a creature of habit. And when it comes to perfumes, I stick to one.  When I invest in something, I commit to it.  So it's easy to say, I've only had 3 perfumes apart of my life thus far.  My first perfume love :) was Bvlgari Au Le Blanc.  It was the perfect interwine-ment of citruses, rosey florals with a tiny dash of vanilla..it's perfect for summer, but I wore it year-round anyway. 

My second perfume that I adored was Burberry Summer.  I wore this every day for an entire summer and even to this day, when I smell it, it brings back such wonderful memories! I can't really explain this one, it's very light and fruity but at the same time has that Burberry musk. Again, can't really explain it.  My sweet friend Lauren even brought me some back that summer from her vacation when Macy's quit selling it.
Then, I met THE ONE. . . :) 
Marc Jacobs. Daisy.  Every time I wear it I feel refreshed.  Found it 2 years ago.  I've dabbled with Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.{which is like Daisy's almost as pretty identical twin} but nothing since compares.

So Today I am lovin and thanking Marc Jacobs.  For my perfum-mate :) I am quite content with Daisy..check out the cute new bottle for spring. I have been out for quite a while, might just got pick this up today. 

Also - Today is my Friday!! I am stay-cationing and couldn't be a happier girl.

What are you alls favorite perfumes?  Any recommendations?  Xx, 

Oh PS: GO CATS! This may or may not have been the most amazing week ever.  2 Glee's in one week and a CATS Win :) We definitely needed that! Shout out to my favorite player.... Dorooooooon Lamb! 


  1. You are soooo cute!!! I always always always think of you when I smell Daisy...and I must admit, I've been wanting a bottle for myself lately. But I'm afraid people will say "you smell like Chelsea!" so I couldn't wear it when we're going to be around mutual friends. Haha.
    I loves you! Enjoy your staycation btw. I'm very jellycat!

  2. You know my fetish for perfume. But I'm on the Chloe kick right now. Mmmm smells soooooo good. And Trish McEvoy. She's good too. I love all those fruity/flowery combos. Dee-vine.

  3. I've been wearing Burberry Brit for a while now, but I've never seen Burberry Summer! Oooh, will have to try that!


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