Weekending. . .

I am excited, I get to spend the weekend with these cool people. I think part of my obsession with How I Met Your Mother is that I relate it so much to my friends.  I think we are just like the cast, only better. .  

I love them most of all because we laugh. a little too much sometimes. 

And we've all been through a lot together.  And they're always there for me. and vice versa. I think it's great when you have one person like this in your life, let alone an entire group.  I love all them.  Each of them are so unique and I don't know what I did before I met them. And well, I stole some photos below since 3 of my faves are missing from that photo... I also get to see Patney and Alaka this weekend.

Meet Patney (Patrick + Britney). They are hosting our Superbowl Party Sunday. 

And Alaka...hahah I had to add this because I love the TT shirt. I have been tweeting him for a solid 6 months and no tweet backs :(

I'll be cooking up a Paula Deen inspired dish for our Superbowl Par-tay.  My obsession with The Lady is unhealthy, but I just love her heart. And story.  If you haven't read her book It Ain't All About The Cooking, you should.  So what if I'm an 80 year old woman in a 20 something body. 

What are your alls weekend plans? Who ya cheering for?  I will be rooting for the STEELERS. Woot woot. 



  1. paula deen i EIGTY years old?! no way!

  2. Please do share your PD-inspired Super Bowl recipe; I'm always looking for some fun unhealthy snacks to whip up! :)

    I'm not quite sure yet what I'll do for this year's big game, but last year I did a hot buffalo chicken dip that went over well. Ahh, decisions, decisions!

  3. That sounds SO good! Can you email me that recipe? I am making her Savannah Sloppy Joes... Her BBQ sauce is perfect for it; the BBQ sauce is just a little too light {imagine that - ha!} when cooking with chicken.


  4. Hi Chelsea! So excited that you have won TCSK's giveaway! I will get all of your information and will get your lil painting right on its way! Happy weekend!

  5. hahaha I'm dying that you've been tweeting Timmy Tebow. So funny.


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