Bless. Her. Heart. & The Mendoza Diagonal

Growing up in Kentucky.  Bless her heart became ingrained in my vocabulary at an early age.  Always an effortless addition to any one of my mom's exchanges at a Bunco party.  {BTW, I lived for these Bunco parties.  It was a night full of fantastic food, constant laughter and endless fun with all the ladies in town.}  I was a pre-destined to become a sorority girl, thanks to my pretty momma!  I lived for the nights that someone would call my mom to hand her the unfortunate news they were sick and unable to join in on the evening's festivities. If I answered the phone I would politely tell them I'm sorry to hear that and to feel better, but I was whole-heartedly giddy and rather happy to deliver the news.  Because that meant I was invited to Bunco night. I voluntarily exchanged my barbies over for a night to sit beside the ladies. I got my OWN seat at the table.  I got to roll the dice.  I got to win prizes.  I of course would just sit and sip on my glass of water while the ladies sipped on wine and spritzers, but I learned so much from these lovely ladies and copied them crossing my legs, finding my love for pearls and as they all gossiped about those women that couldn't make it, I couldn't help but feel compelled to listen

If you've come across my blog, maybe you're from the south or have stumbled upon it through some of my southern lil ladies.  So you are enlightened.  If not.  "Bless her heart" is sometimes said to have a kind intent.  You shouldn't believe this.  I suppose sometimes it can, like if you're complaining about your boss or your awful day and a friend comforts you by laughter and says "Aw, bless your heart."  But don't be naive.  Bless HER heart is simply a little "pardon" to say something not so nice about someone.  For example: "That girl would talk to a brick wall if it would talk back. Bless her heart."  Urban dictionary defines it as a phrase used by Southern women to excuse themselves for speaking ill of someone else. Case in point "She's as ugly as a mud-fence, bless her heart." 

It's the equivalent of the Italians, "No disrespect."  Sure you can talk bad about any of your "friends," but you must preface it with, "No disrespect."  {Please see the no disrespect mafia queen below. Love her

These are all equivalent to modern day: just sayin' {annoying!}  

When did we all come up with these phrases to excuse ourselves from feeling bad about gossip?  If you remember from here, my goal is to be less judgy and in order to continue with this,  I am extracting bless her heart from my vocab. Maybe I'll feel a little different without this little phrase. Do you all know any other phrases used by other groups? Just wondering. WISH ME LUCK. 

Bless my heart!  Xx, 

PS: I am hosting a give-a-way starting 2morrow. It may or may not be something in the post here and rhyme with....such. 

PPS: Phew.  Anyone else glad Brad finally came to his senses and said farewell to Michelle.  She fell a bit to the right of the Vickie Mendoza Diagonal.  Familiar? No? See below.


  1. I totally say "bless ---- heart" and mean it! I know some people say it and don't mean it...but I only say when I really am blessing someone and sending prayers/thoughts their way. :(
    Guess I'm the southern exclusion. You don't have to remove the phrase from your vocab...just only say it when you really DO mean it.

  2. i def think you should keep the phrase. just think twice when using it. :)
    btw, i haaaate when people say "just sayin"...it may have been the most over-used phrase of 2009 and 2010.

  3. I love HIMYM. The hot/crazy scale is priceless. :)

  4. i catch myself saying things i grew up hearing my mom say... and i can't wait to see your giveaway!


  5. I catch myself saying "just sayin" all the time. I really need to break myself of that habit. Sorry Brit...
    I'm loving the clip from HIMYM, I needed a good laugh today. Thanks for that. :)

  6. My family & I always say "God love her" haha!

  7. This KY girl enjoyed this post. "Bless her heart" is definitely used a lot here. I hear it and say it myself pretty often. Whatever negative, mean comment you make almost seems to be 'forgiven' if you make sure you add the part about blessing someone at the end. ;)


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