Marvelous March. . .

we're 2 days into March. which means. . .

1. March Madness. ultimately leading to.....the Final Four. and my boys in blue taking  home the tournament trophy. a girl can dream. . . 

if we can get there without these boys giving Coach Cal a heart attack, I promise to take a deep sigh of relief...I always worry about his heart. 

2. these little guys are going to start popping up everywhere. I was introduced to mr. white chocolate reese's peanut butter egg via my roommate Audra last year. and have developed a little obsession with them.  something about the white chocolate and peanut butter ratio (in the egg shape only, please!) is undeniable AH-mazing.  if you're skeptical, I was too! but they're simply perfect. thank goodness they're only around for Easter. 

3. I am planning a crawfish dinner with some very great people next Tuesday! the restaurant is flying in some crawfish. 

4. I voted for Paul McDonald last night. {alot}

5.  I am trying to decide what to give up for Lent.  usually, I find Lent as a time to pick back up my NYE resolution and give it another go, but I've been sticking to my NYE resolutions.  what are you all giving up?? I have a very stressful month with work and giving up caffeine is just not an option. and I've been debating about whether to go to Ash Wednesday. last time I went, I saw someone I knew later on and they laughed at me and awkwardly wiped my forehead. not the ashes, do not touch!  maybe it would help if I wore this. . .



  1. I worry about my heart when I am watching UK play. Last night...oh geez! I was so wound up when that game was finally over I couldnt go to sleep. But they won, thank goodness!

  2. To the post above me...AMEN, it was a nail biter!! As most of this year has been...Go BIG Blue!!!!

  3. You are so cute. And I would probably be the idiot that told someone they had dirt on their forehead. I'm not Catholic so I always forget.
    Reese Eggs are my favorite favorite favorite! I think the chocolate to peanutbutter ratio is soooooo much better in the eggs too! Although, I'm not a big white chocolate fan. Isn't it funnny how the eggs taste different? I know a lot of people who think so. I used to stock up at this time of the year and eat them for days on end...but sadly, I can no longer do that since I sit on my bum and behind a desk all day. :( No reese eggs for Mrs. D.
    I hope the Cats do well in the tournament....if not, forget worrying about Coach Cal, I think my Dad might have a heart attack.

  4. I love love love the Reese Eggs, that is by far my favorite Easter candy!

  5. omg! i didnt know they made a white chocolate egg! how dangerous, but soo yummy looking! i looove paul mcdonald!

  6. I love the mini eggs that come in the purple bags and I'm soooo glad that they are only around for Easter!!! I flippin love crawfish. We used to ALWAYS have crawfish boils in college where they were much more accessible...they are rare here but I did see that Onizims is having crawfish this weekend. I don't know what to give up for lent either...and giving up diet coke and sugar is out of the question!


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