manifesto, or . . . manifesta if you will

it is Friday. i've got a lovely little weekend planned and can't wait to go brunching on Sunday morning {probably afternoon}...hopefully weather permits & we get to sit on a patio and enjoy our bloody mary's and mimosas!  I found these little guys below and I love them....I found them via http://maryruffle.tumblr.com/ love her tumblr, it's so cute! 

I heard this on the radio today...shout out to my delta delta delta sisters {we used to dance to this before the little rushees walked in the DDD house during rush week - oh how i miss college}.  This soon became any formal and outting jam! Love my delta taus i means threes ;) delta tau delta's were my favorite boys too back then thou :)



  1. Great Song! I love songs that when I hear them I am instantly happy! Very cute blog!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I heart that song.

  3. LOVE this song! :) It just makes me happy!


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