Celebrity Dopplegangers....we all have them!

Give me a short, petite, brunette celeb woman and I guarantee someone has told me I look like her before.  I usually get asked or told about this whenever that person is at the height or peak of their celebrity.  It all started when people started to say that I smile like Ms. Nicole Richie...I love her so of course I didn't mind. . .

Then came Deanna, the Bachelorette.  I will never forget the weekend I spent in Chicago after the final episode aired.  I scored free drinks after a Cubs game all afternoon and night, eventually got creeped out and left Sluggers because this very drunk boy insisted I was her and tried to take pictures of/with me all night.  After we got rid of him, another started doing the same thing. . .

And now that Mila Kunis has become an A-list celebrity, this has become quite the pick up line. . . "has anyone ever told you, you like Mila Kunis?" I really wouldn't mind it, if that didn't follow with them pestering me the rest of the night or asking for my number. 

So who is your celeb doppleganger and does it flatter you? Enjoy your Sunday yall I'm off to watch the game and brunch!! Xx, Go CATS {Cmon Doron!}


  1. You do look like all three of them! It's the same way with me - only they have to be blonde! I get SJP at least a couple of times a week. Only once has someone actually thought it was me and it was just briefly. I also get Helen Hunt!

  2. Funny, you do look like them all. I can't say that I look like everyone or maybe it's just the fact that I live in LA and I look like everyone else. HAHA.

  3. I don't see Deanna too much...but you def look like Mila...or she looks like you! ha!

  4. Okay i'm cracking up at Katherine's comment because I TOTALLY see Deanna. Mila too but I think Deanna more.
    I don't see Nicole Richie so much though.

    Sometimes I get Jessica Simpson.
    I've been told a couple of others but they were always actresses I'd never heard of so I don't remember who. Ha

  5. i mean it COULD be worse chelsea... geeze... i mean, they're ALL HOTTIES! i've been told i look like kristen bell. i don't really see it, but i'll take the compliment.

  6. Hey I wouldn't mind lookin like any of those ladies!


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