Going to Brazil {The Brazilian Blowout}

We all do painful things in exchange for beauty! I've done a lot.  From waxes, to peels, to tweezes and whitenings.  After all, pain passes but beauty remains.  When I was a child, I remember saying my prayers, thanking God for all my blessings, but seriously asking Him WHY he gave ME curly hair.  I remember my mom would laugh at me and I would get so grumpy.  You see, she didn't understand.  I had the culmination of her and my fathers curls, which made my hair so much more uncontrollable. I wanted to be the girl who rolled out of bed without looking like Medusa.  

Well on Wednesday, I yet again am going to endure another Brazilian Blowout. But trust me friends, this is not nearly as painful as the other Brazilian. And there are few things more liberating than being able to hop out of the shower and do nothing to your hair.  The Brazilian Blowout is NOT a straightening treatment, it's more of a smoothing treatment.  It infuses protein back into your hair and smooths it, while leaving it with body and softening the curl. And NO frizz.  The Brazilian is different because it doesn't damage your hair.  If I tell you about the good, I feel I must divulge the bad.  

My eyes do water ALOT when this treatment is done. and there were serious rumors concerning the safety and ingredients in this product. it was rumored that high levels of Formaldehyde were found in it.  But, according to ABC, everyone is exposed to small amounts of formaldehyde in air and some foods and products. Still, it's possible that high levels of exposure to formaldehyde could cause some kinds of cancers.  BUT, OSHA ruled back in November, that this product is completely formaldehyde free.  Charlie {stylist} says that this happens often when other companies want to learn the ingredients in a product like BB, because they are forced to make the ingredients public knowledge.  

Girls if you have curls, you must try the Brazilian Blowout. I'm no expert so please do your research, but this is a product that i. love.

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 Dear frizzy hair - I dedicate this song to you. We're done. Xx, 


  1. I have always hated having straight as a stick yet THICK hair!! None of us are happy haha

  2. I'm glad you posted about this! I told my sister she should get one because she has thick curly hair but we were worried about the negative stuff.

  3. i have the Brazilian blowout cream/gel that i put on the ends of my hair before i blow dry. it's helped make me hair look so much healthier!!


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