Chez Chelsea. . .

I have been hot yoga-ing, cooking in and dining out with some of my favorite people lately!  All of this go-ing and the weather I am holding partially liable for my sinus infection, ear infection and fever! My doctor assured me I wouldn't be contagious tmw, so I am returning to the office to get some stuff done.  Doc has me all drugged up, so I am feeling somewhat normal tonight.  I think the CATS winning the SEC tourney may be partly responsible for me still being in a good mood amidst all of this.  Oh and I forgot to tell you.. Betty's battery and brake light came on again {which is what happened before she broke down last time}. Thanks for everyone's sweet words! I took her to the shop ASAP and they replaced the alternator...again. Something is UP with that car.  I am hoping to trade her in and I have found a beautiful and blue CRV that I am able to afford.  Too much drama with Betty these days. Any one have a good, new name for my this blue beauty? Taking suggestions now.

Here are some things I've whipped up in the kitchen and enjoyed out.

{yummy cocktail at Wines on Vine}

Freshened up the house with flowers. . .

Baked up some Classic Margherita Pizza {typically don't like tomatoes, but I like them on this dish} . . .

Created this Chicken a la Venezia {stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach} paired with some stawberry poppyseed salad 

Broiled some lemon herb Tilapia 

And made some breakfast for dinner! YUM.

Hope you all are having a great week! GO CATS!!!!!! :) I may have teared up a little when Doron was hurt Saturday! Cmon Doron! 



  1. Your food looks very good. I love asparagus.
    That's great that you found a new car!

  2. Everything looks delicious! I love reading your blog:)

  3. Hi! Me again! I passed a blog award onto you tonight. You can check my blog to see about it. :)


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