Some hints as to where I am this week . . .

and no, i am not watching American Idol live {only in my dreams}

As though I didn't have enough room in my heart to love Jay-Z more! He congratulated my BOYS IN BLUE after the game and told them he was proud of them. I am so proud of them all, for everything they've done and accomplished this season! But I am mostly proud of Josh Harrellson.  I couldn't be happier for him leading this amazing team to the final four!! He deserves every single bit of this moment and the happiness!  

Have a wonderful week loves!! Please if your team is out of the tournament send my WILDCATS some love and positivity for Saturday! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - and I almost forgot to tell you! I was pretty much heckled at work for my ridiculous bracket - I play my bracket by inserting the teams I would like to see make it - call it delusional, but it's been a blessing this tournament! AND if my WILDCATS go all the way, the prize money is all mine ;) if not it goes to one of my much deserving, pretty friend - who is also a female! The girls are kicking bracket butt! Gooooooo CATS!



  1. GO CATS! I've had a smile on my face since Sunday!

  2. Yay for sticking with the CATS to win!!! Way to keep the faith in the big blue :)

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