Flower District, Disappointment & Details.

I'm home from Atlanta and New York and am getting ready to leave for Houston and Dallas.  I had an amazing time in both cities and both, my meetings went fantastic, I ate some amazing food {filets both nights!}and I even got some extra time to shop, be a tourist and relax.  I have to say - if you have a chance to go to BLT Prime in NYC - GO! It's amazing and the service I received was nothing short of spectacular, the room looked amazing - and they did everything I requested and I only had to ask once. I returned upstairs with a colleague after dinner and the chef even brought out some of his specialties for us after the meeting. Well done, BLT Prime. 

the room looked beautiful 

I stayed in BROOKLYN - in Chelsea {near the venue, not because of my name :) } and I just happened to be smack dab in the middle of flower district - I was greeted by a plethora orchids, roses and hydrangeas both mornings!

I returned home just in time for the BIG FINAL FOUR GAME! I also just received a 20 % off coupon from Ulta so I *invested* in a new rusk hair dryer {that came with a travel hair dryer as well}. 

Both are the W8less hair dryers - which are perfect for my thick, curly hair - and the dryer cut my blow drying routine in half. Styled this in a little over 20 minutes {good for me}

I don't want to discuss the game yesterday. I hate this saying, but here I go..... It is what IT IS. I love this team.  We made mistakes. We weren't the better team during that game, but we WILL get better.  I am going to miss Jorts. Couldn't be more proud and happy for him, the team and Coach Cal for making it so far.  My heart hurt and I wanted to cry a lil during the post-game interview. 

We grilled out and had a fantastic past 2 days.  I'm super sun-kissed from a perfect Sunday Funday. K's boyfriend shared his enjoyment of this commercial and I've decided it is possibly going on my favorite commercial list...this is just the last part that makes me smile. . .  

How were your alls weekends? What are you favorite commercials? Is it weird to have favorite commercials?!


  1. Oh the game. I was so sad that we lost and we definitely played terrible. Free-throws? What are they. Anyway-I too will miss Jorts so much. I am proud that we made it so far and they were a great team and they are still my boys. Sounds like you had a great weekend and LOVE that commercial! So cute!

  2. what a fun job you have getting to travel!

  3. Sounds like a great time in NYC! Ahh, I think BLT is near Gramercy park. Very cool.

    Also - great pics in your blog!



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