The I Am Not Good With Cars Theory.

Do you all ever have things go so right in your life that you feel on top of the world? And then BOOM. Something happens to put you in your place. Well, I got thee new Honda CR-V.  She's beautiful. She's the one that I am going to invest in. The one that won't have unexpected breakdowns. The one I will be able to rely on. I was so excited when I met Alex, the guy who sold me the SUV.  I spent 5 hours making decisions and going through paperwork Saturday.  They spent 2 days working on her and getting her pretty! When I went to pick her up yesterday, he carefully went over all the gadgets with me and explained how to open the back/trunk door, he showed me how to work the radio, how to lock and unlock the doors. The entire time I'm thinking Cmon Alex, what do you think I am some kind of moron girl with no common sense. Oh Chelsea! I drive off to Saul Good to meet the work girlies for my colleague's daughter's first birthday! Miss Caroline is 1!! We had a wonderful time and heading back to the office I was smiling ear TO ear. And then The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun came on the radio. Seriously? Perfection. 

{there she is. pretty!}

I am so elated the whole work day. Come out to start my car and my lock clicker thingy didn't work.  Weird. Thinking. I'm gonna tell Alex. He's gonna hear it. THEN. The car doesn't start.  Why? Because someone {whose name starts with a Chel and ends with a sea} didn't turn off the headlights. REALLY Chelsea? Alex hussles over from Honda, jumps her.  And all is good in the world.  I think I stressed him out a little. I stressed me out a little. 

{Alex's reaction}

Anyways. I felt like a complete GIRL. This was a new start for me and my new unnamed SUV. And I let myself down.  But you live, and you definitely learn.  Thank GOD, I know how to laugh at myself by now.  I am telling myself that God does things for a REASON. And for this, I think this was hopefully my last little scramble and issue with the car.  Maybe God's up there chucking to himself, sorry had to do it one last time Chelsea, Gotcha! Or maybe I'm just an idiot and I need to remember to turn my headlights OFF. 

On a tangent or maybe completely different note, It is BLUE and WHITE day at work and in the entire city! Mayor Gray has officially named it that. Hopefully we'll see ALOT of this. . .

{3 Goggles!!!!!!!!}

Have a wonderful weekend!! And I hope you are better with cars than me!! Xx, 


  1. I'm laughing right now because I know how you feel! Except my "incident" involved a tow truck and expensive repair bill after putting diesel (yep, double facepalm for the Nissan guys!) in my 2 year old car... It's funny now but certainly wasn't then!

  2. Also, congrats on the new car! She is so pretty and shiny!

  3. I have the SAME car! I bought the 2010 model last March and I absolutely love it. Mine is black with tan interior and I just had to get all the bells & whistles on it. I've been so happy with mine and know that you'll love yours too! :) PS - You're not crazy for leaving the lights on. After I drove around one evening with my lights OFF I found the auto headlight setting and now just use that!


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