My Favorite Thing.

Starting the week after next, I will embark on the most travel I've ever done in my life! I am ecstatic yet ready & nervous all at the same time. One month of travel. A couple different cities per week. I will be home and back and forth between cities every week! Cities I've never been to. I can't wait to explore. And I end it all with several large symposia and a few days at Arizona Grand Resort! I need advice on traveling a lot, ladies.  What do you do to be most organized? 

Here are some of the cities I'm going. Tips on what to do while I'm there will be appreciated!!  Atlanta, New York, Houston, Dallas {spending a few days and the weekend here!}, San Francisco, Los Angeles {ditto}, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington DC. 

Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy this sunshine! I am LOVING that the weather is finally matching what the sky looks like:) Car update: I am looking at this lil cutie this weekend. I really don't want a car payment, but I really feel that it's time for me and Betty III to part ways.  

PS: I NEED name suggestions...there will not be a Betty IV. 

PPS: I am being harassed  just made fun of a lil over my bracket at work! anyone else having this issue? A girls gotta dream, right? And there is no way I could put Duke or Ohio State in my bracket. Just no way. :) 



  1. Your coming to LA?????Let's do lunch ; )))

  2. I hope you have an amazing time traveling. I am so jealous. The only place I get to travel in April is to Ashland for a week for a trial. Be safe. :)

  3. You are absolutely right. The name of my bracket is "Babygirl's Blue and White Dream", key word dream, but in no bracket of mine will i lose to UNC or Ohio State, and I'll take Duke on in the chamionship game any day, bring it on...we can take ya...if the whole team shows up and decides to play to their potential!

  4. Your travel plans sound fab!

    Happy Weekend!


  5. Wow sounds like you are heading a lot of fun places! Safe travels.


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