"me" day, NeuLash update, & yurman earrings...oh my!

I was able to finish all tasks and clean out my email for once without interruption.  It was lovely, after finishing up the work from home today, I went to Shine Salon in the green hills area (right down the street). and saw Jana.  She was the only one that offered online booking (yeah!) and after doing web research and reading rave reviews, I booked my appt.  You all may remember my struggle finding a stylist that won't mutilate my hair.  She was fantastic.  I can't wait for her to cut my hair.  She acknowledged the mess that the prior stylist did to my hair.  I got the "Express Keratin Treatment."  It is far less expensive than the Keratin treatment, faster and you can was your hair after 24 hours (not 3 days...) So far it looks very straight and not frizzy.

I then went over to Brow Gal, who polished up my eyebrows.  I'm so happy they look thicker again.  Also just a small update on NeuLash, you may remember my post, here is working wonderfully.  Please let me preface with the fact, I've had long-ish lashes, but I barely put on mascara now and they're out of control long.  The main reason I've been using the Neulash is to get thick, full eyebrows back, but I always put on my lashes before popping into bed.  I'm really happy with both the results of my brows and lashes. (Sorry for the creepy pic haha)

I am heading over to my friend Caroline's End of the World Party, Just in Case to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with friends!  I just finished fixing up my roommates hair before her big Christmas date with her almost-fiance (any day now) and she just text this over! Yes, he got her yurman earrings!!! Which reminds me, why haven't I met Mr. Right down here yet? I keep meeting the wrongs :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Safe travels my friends. 

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