please refrain from the duck face...

Exhibit A. The Solo Duck Face.

Exhibit B. Peace sign up, sunglasses down, duck face. {just really, no.}

As wedding season comes to a close and football season approaches, it is likely we all will be having lots of photo ops.  And not only making memories, but sharing. So girls please PLEASE refrain from the duck face.  I know sometimes it just...happens....Case in point...
moi, duck facing it 

It isn't becoming. it's just silly. Silly in a bad way.  And you look like a two year old.  I vow, no duck faces these next few weeks, and if I slip up...no posting. Please promise you'll do the same! K? 


  1. Oh my word - I love it! Now, how can I forward this to all my Facebook friends in a passive-agressive way? ;)

  2. I'm with Erin...can we post this on Facebook? :) Please? I'm sort of a hater of the self-portrait facebook profile anyway, not as a RULE, but particularly when the person in question changes it about 100x per week. Really? You have that much time to stand in front of your bathroom mirror and take pictures? I guess I'm hateful, ha

  3. haha, girl, if all duckfaces looked as not-ridiculous as yours, it might not be so awful. That first one is insane!!


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