what's your facebook personality?

Since discussing the dreadful duck face last week, it sparked some conversation between my girlfriends and I about what type of facebook personality we were. So who are you on facebook? One tiny little question and update button determines that.

What's on your mind?

Well, lots facebook and Mark Zuck, lots, but I'm not sure I want to share that with my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, love interests and old flames. 

well, to start there are those Solo Photo Kids out there, "hey let me take a pic of me in the car, mirror, pretty much anywhere and yep, just me. 

there's The Constant Updater, letting you know what is going on every moment of their life "i'm reading a book." "i'm walking the dog." "going shopping." {ever heard of twitter little friend?}

The "ISM" guy- that person always throwing out poetry, advice on life, Buddha quotes, etc, etc. 

The Bloggers.....you know, that person that posts a link to their blog on a daily/weekly basis.  eh okay, I am guilty of posting my link at times....but now would rather wish I hadn't done that now.

Farm-villers. So I've never played farmville, perhaps it fun, but when I get 9439480394 requests from you to join, I will de-friend you.  I now have a strict "remove friendship" policy after receiving your 2nd request. 

The Vaguebooker- as coined by urban dictionary. And I quote "someone who intentionally throws up a vague Facebook status update, that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help."

The Music Lover. This person posts lyrics and songs, links to their fave music on a consistent basis, sometimes coincides with the vaguebooker. 

I'm sure there are more. Help me out here? What kind of facebooker are you? I'd say I'm more of the semi-constant updated (sad) type slash The Music Lover type

Happy Monday, I thought I'd throw in a little Lil Wayne love song, because really....you cannot go wrong with love advice from my lil poet man lil wayne...I may or may not have a Lil Wayne tshirt annnnnnd secretly wanted desperately to go to his concert at Riverbend. 


  1. i'm a mix between the constant updater/the blogger/and the self-promoter. yup... i said it. i use it to promote real estate and whatever else i want to promote that day. if i own it, it makes it not as bad, right? :)

  2. Vaguebookers and Music Lovers. Ha! Those names are great, and those are the absolute most annoying to me!! :)

  3. you need to post this to your FB page bc some people need to see it! haha. And you've mentioned this lil wayne tshirt before and I've yet to see it...I need to see it! ASAP!


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