Life isn't fair sometimes. . .

I received terribly sad news yesterday.  The news still hasn't really processed completely.  And I'm mad.  I'm livid with God.  For putting my friend through so much pain this last year.   A best friend of mine's father has unexpectedly passed away. Earlier this year she lost her mother to cancer.  I just can't understand why.   This person is one of the strongest, most genuine, real, friendliest, outgoing and most beautiful people I am lucky to know.  So I am struggling.  Struggling for faith and answers as to why.  Why anyone? But why her?  Why both of her parents?  So for now...I am trying as hard as possible to believe this. 

Though I walk 
   through the valley of the shadow of death      
       I will fear no evil,          
          for you are with me;  
            your rod and your staff,                  
               they comfort me.  


  1. So, so sorry to hear of these things. Sending warm thoughts to you and your friend.


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