Knowledge. Gaps.

How I Met Your Mother has really been disappointing me this past season, but on occasion, they have me in tears laughing so much. An episode that really got me was the Knowledge Gaps episode. Please tell me y'all saw this. 

If you missed it or can't remember let me help......

Ted (lame) cannot pronounce words. teheheh. I guilty of this at times...there are just some words I didn't learn growing up in Boyle County. ;) 

Robin thinks the north pole is fake.

Barney doesn't know how to use tools.

Marshall can't swallow pills. Or Wink. Or put a belt on the right way. hahah (one of my favorites). 

It then made me think of some of my friends' knowledge gaps. Like my friend Katherine......she just can't stare at the camera head on ;) 

Like most kids, I was terrified of escalators, I still hesitate a tad when hopping on one at the airport ALL the time. 

Hmmm.......these are only a couple and do they really constitute knowledge gaps?! What are your alls knowledge gaps? Cmonnn. I KNOW you have some funny ones. 

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  1. I love HIMYM. Even though this season kinda sucked.

    One knowledge gap I have is that I can't calculate a waiter's tip in my head. Yes, I know... there's an easy little formula that you can use in your head just by looking at the bill, but my brain doesn't like it... I would prefer to just multiply the bill total by 20% on my trusty iPhone calculator and be done with it.

    Also, I don't know if these are knowledge gaps... but they're definitely quirky faults of mine.

    I can't drive well.

    Like Katherine, it is also tough for me to stare at the camera head-on.

    I talk in my sleep.

    Most food doesn't taste good to me unless I put hot sauce (or hot pepper) on it.

    I add "...or no?" to the end of ask questions I ask. For example... "Do you want Chinese food tonight, or no?"

    There's many more. nom!


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