a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. . .

Ever have one those days or nights girls? I did. Saturday. Here are a couple choices, but they didn't make it out on me! 

The runner ups: 
F21. circa 2007.

can't go wrong with j.crew

After picking out my summer dress, I went out downtown for a bit...

PRIOR to this...The Junior League ladies and I had an AMAZING time at Relay for Life (staying up for MOST of the night) and I did not have a hard time deciding what to wear.  Living in the eighties would have been SO much easier...we were totally 80's-ed out! We did a fashion show and all kinds of contests thru the night and raised over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  

Thank you girls for making it an amazing experience for me.  

We also had the opportunity to hear some very inspirational, and some very sad stories.  

Mark Krebs', former University of Kentucky basketball player, shared his story about his mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A week later, they found it was terminal and the doctors gave her 9 MONTHS to live.  She lived 9 YEARS.  He had me in tears almost.  She held on and fought cancer for so long, hoping that maybe one day they would find a cure...she lost her battle last summer. I wanna give a lil shout about his book, where he tells his story and a little intertwinement of UK Basketball- it's a book about perseverance.  Go here to get it.   

Mr. Krebs and the girls! 

And since it's Monday I wanted to add a lil song that always makes me smile. Shew...where did the weekend go!?



  1. How fun... I love doing the Relay for Life, our League hasn't done it yet! Love the pictures - you're an adorable 80s girl! ;)


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