a Little Blue Box & a Vegas Trip!

I had a perfect little weekend. And although I do have the Monday Blues today, something else blue showed up on my front door step last week. 

I received a small box from Poughkeepsie, NY in the mail on Thursday.  I am thinking Who do I know in Poughkeepsie or what the heck did I order?

Ohhhhh, it was just a little old $300 Tiffany & Co. Gift Card (one of the tiny perks of planning events and picking good venues). Tiffany's sends their gift cards in style. So classy and tasteful, T. 

Sooooo, I ordered this.

 I cannot wait to combine this necklace with some cute pieces. 

I may or may not have ordered the Gathering Breeze Dress from Anthropologie a few weeks ago.  And according to my strict Outfit Science formula, I paid the perfect, reasonable amount. 

those paired with a natural glow and wavy curls is going to be perfect look for summer! Like below...

PS Ladies, even tho it already feels like summer here in Kentucky with the ridiculous humidity...it officially begins in 15 days! The countdown is on. 

I am also counting the days until I get to take little work/bachelorette party trip. The dates happened to work out flawlessly......ah! Vegas here I come! 

What is getting you through the Monday Blues today ladies? Got any advice on what to do in Vegas?? I've never been!!!  Xx, 


  1. What a great perk! Love the necklace and the dress is adorable :)

  2. Wowee, $300 gift card!?! Yes please! Love the necklace and that Anthro dress!


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