who are you when i'm not looking?

sesh girls! I have been listening to Mr. Blake on repeat.  which brings up something rather important. this song makes me think of those beginning stages of dating someone you just think you might really like. you know...when you're on good-i'm-always-perfect behavior. but my favorite part of getting to know someone is when you get past this phase! i like when you get to know someone and their little quirks, i usually find it's what i like the most in a person.  For ME?  you usually can find me up to no good....sneaking funny faces

getting excited about biebs or miley's newest hit (i still have good taste in music, i swear, they are my weakness!), or trying to do some sort of impression and failing miserably {i cannot get any of my impressions or accents to sound anything but Chinese.....le sigh!} Think "Slappin Da Bass Mon" scene circa I Love You, Man! And the worst is my get-ready time. I can slap on make-up like nobody's business, but my hair is a beautiful combination of thick and curly.  there are no short cuts for getting ready last minute for this girl. cue "Waiting on a Woman"

What are your girls favorite songs out there right now? I'm going to Vegas in exactly 4 days and could use some PLAYLIST Help! Also what are your guys favorite parts of dating?

Happy Sunday....and it wouldn't be right if I didn't give a little shout out to the man who is the king of goofy faces and behavior and taught me everything i know about loving and living life to the fullest. he never fails to stop my family from laughing. 



  1. I am loving Honey Bee by Blake Shelton!!

  2. Love this song and love your pictures!! Have fun in Vegas!!!

  3. I love this Blake song!!! Hope you have a great time.


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