Quote of the Week

I am liking a lot of everything going on right now in my life. And Nashville in general lately.  More updates to come soon. I had a quite, cozy night in with friends on the eve of 2013, and it was the refreshing start I needed to begin a wonderful a new year full of opportunities of many kinds.  I am feeling very content with many aspects of my life right now.  My heart feels whole.  I am not a big believer in fate or destiny of any kind, but I do believe that certain things happen to us in lead to be the person we are supposed to be, the places we a right for at that time, and people that you should come into contact with.  Last year around this time, my heart was not whole, and I felt so lost, I was embarking on a new me, and was looking for a new job, identify, and city. What a difference a year makes.  I can truly say I am grateful for all I went through last year.  It has changed me.  I am not saying a "this amazing person now." God help me, I still make mistakes and am learning how to be a good person, better colleague, a true friend, lover, good daughter and sister every day.  But I've learned a lot about myself and who I do want to be and what I want to change. And that is simply...exciting!


  1. Stealing that "Be soft" for my Facebook today. I needed this post. Thanks for sharing your light, Chelsea!

  2. You contacted Aubrey to do your new design!!! yay! I think it looks beautiful!


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