GIRLS Premier Review

I'd like to thank my wonderful and beautiful friend Megan, for introducing to the clever and unique world of GIRLS on HBO, without which I may have never known or been quite so impressed and engaged in a TV Series.  I am one of those people that are terrible at watching and staying captivated and engaged with a TV show.  I am either blogging, reading blogs, or working late whilst the TV is on. GIRLS changed this for me.  After seeing the pilot, I bought the first season on DVD and watched it 3 times.  And cried laughing at each episode.  The writing is cleverly executed and thought about for each character, and the characters are SO relatable.  The show is slightly graphic and racy, and by slightly I mean VERY, which honestly really appalled me at first.  But something about each character drew me in each time. SO now, to the Premier.  Most Premiers (to me!) are rather disappointing, they never really tell too much and know you're going to stay hooked at least until episode 2 if its a newer show..(ahem *Revenge* cough cough - majorly let down).  BUT, GIRLS was surprisingly refreshing and full of interesting curve balls, and they had a clever and well thought out introduction and closing.  Always leaving me wanting more!  I was left wishing the show lasted a full hour and not just 30 minutes.

Cheers to a great second season of GIRLS! What TV shows do you recommend right now? Are you watching GIRLS?

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  1. I just want to say that what an enjoyable time to look through to this post thanks for the sharing and just keep it up.


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