Preppy vs. Sexy

Wedding season is not too far away now, and I've been struggling to find that perfect dress for the special occasions.  I usually go with something classy and preppy.  But the more comfortable I've become in my own skin, the more I think it's okay to bare a little more, so long as it's done tastefully.  Which direction do you all go? The more I look at photos I've wished I've gone a little more on the sexy side, as opposed to preppy.

So I am torn.

Preppy. Kate Spade

Or Sexy. Brand unknown. Found at Macy's

If you can't tell, it's strapless and longer in the back than in the front.

I need your opinion.  Which one would you go with? And not just pertaining to these also.  Preppy or sexy?


  1. Weddings are suppose to be more formal than sexy. I would go with the Kate Spade dress because you could always pair it with some super cute wedges to add a little sass but it would still keep it classy.

  2. I think they could both work for a wedding- it just depends on what kind of wedding it is! The blue dress could work for a church wedding, too- just throw on a cardigan or blazer and then shed it for the reception :)

  3. I love the kate spade dress! i tried it on but the "girls" didn't seem to "fit" :)
    and yes - be sexy!!


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